When you are pregnant after taking contraceptives, "stay" or "flow"?

Lin Yanhua, Deputy Chief Physician of the Pre -Diagnostic Center of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province

Ms. Song, 34, is a foreign company with a 4 -year -old daughter.Because there is no plan to have a second child, Ms. Song has been taking contraceptives and contraceptives.Due to busy work in the first two months, Ms. Song did not take it on time. She had sex in the middle. She was busy at work until she was more than two months pregnant.Because she took contraceptives before, she and her husband were particularly tangled.

Contraceptives are generally divided into three types: emergency, long -term and short -acting.Emergency contraceptives refer to a type of medicine that prevent or delay ovulation in order to prevent no protective sexual intercourse or contraceptive method 72 hours after mistakes.(Zuo Nuo Pogenone Tablets), Antin (Zuo Nuo Peridone Tablets), and Pulfin (Mi Fei Steel tablets).Long -acting contraceptives can continue to effectively and effectively take one or one shot for a period of time. Due to the high hormone content and large side effects, it has gradually eliminated.

Short -acting contraceptives, also known as compound oral contraceptives, is one of the high -efficiency contraceptive methods widely used worldwide in the world. It is a composite bodies hormone preparation containing low -dose estrogen and progesterone (similar to women in women).EssenceCommon on the market are Momfalon (oxygenyliner, estradioline, the third generation), You Siming (alcohol ketone, the fourth generation), DayingFilm) and so on.The short -acting contraceptive pill is simple and convenient. By inhibiting ovulation, changing the nature of cervical mucus and endometrial shape and function, and changing the function of fallopian tube function, the purpose of controlling fertility is achieved.This is this type of contraceptive pill.

Under the premise of correctly, compound oral contraceptives can effectively avoid accidental pregnancy, with an effective rate of more than 99%.The effect of this contraceptive pill is reversible. After discontinuation, it can quickly recover ovulation and reproductive ability, which is especially suitable for young women with strong fertility ability.At present, most compound oral contraceptives are 21 tablets, starting on the first to 5 days of the menstrual cycle, 1 tablet per day, for 21 consecutive days; then stop the medicine for 4 to 7 days, and then take the next box.7 days before the first start of medication, it is best to use a condom.

Ms. Song was also pregnant after taking contraceptives, mainly due to irregular medication and leakage.When there are more than 3 tablets in 1 cycle, there is a sexual life during the period, and the possibility of pregnancy will be significantly increased.If you are using drugs that affect the metabolism of liver enzymes at the same time, the most common such as Lifuping, sodium benzeta, and Kamasi are equal, and it will also interfere with the contraceptive effect of compound oral contraceptives.

Scholars at home and abroad have found that women who have missed compound oral contraceptives or women who naturally pregnant naturally in the short term after stopping the drug have not obviously increased the risk of fetal congenital malformations, pregnancy complications and adverse pregnancy endings, nor will they not be the risk of endless pregnancy.It significantly affects future generations and intellectual development.The third -generation compound oral contraceptive pill clearly states: women who take the medicine before pregnancy have not increased, and the teratogenic effect of women taking the drug during early pregnancy has not increasedThe instructions of the contraceptive pill You Siming stated that accidentally taking compound oral contraceptives in early pregnancy will not have teratogenic effects.

In addition to research, there are similar authoritative consensus in my country.The 2015 issue of "Chinese Women’s Magazine" pointed out that compound oral contraceptives itself has no teratogenic effect, does not increase the risk of fetal congenital malformations, has no effect on chromosomal body, and has no impact on the rapid pregnancy after the compound oral contraceptive pills.Essence

In the end, after the assessment of a doctor’s prenatal diagnosis, Ms. Song only had a small amount of medication in the early pregnancy, which would not increase the risk of fetal congenital deformity.Therefore, she decided to make a regular check -up and gave birth to her baby.▲

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