When you are pregnant for the first time, you must know that these things can not be done if you don’t do it.

“” Now the environment is not good, more and more people are not easy to get pregnant. There are a lot of people around me who have been preparing for two or three years of pregnancy, including myself for three years.We must be very careful when we are easy to conceive the baby. It is unknown to everything during pregnancy, but some things must be known for pregnant mothers. After pregnancy, these things can not be done without doing things!IntersectionIntersection

1. Sweep the floor, mop the ground

Pregnant women’s long bending and frequent physical work are a major taboo during pregnancy. It can easily cause fatigue and abdominal pain for long -term doing so. Because the long -term bending of pregnant women will compress the fetus, so I can bend over as possible during pregnancy., Especially in the late pregnancy.

2. cook cooking

Oil fume is irritating to pregnant women, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. Many pregnant women are strong in pregnancy and can easily cause nausea and vomiting.If it is really inevitable, try to keep the kitchen ventilation as much as possible to reduce the stimulation of oil fume.When standing for a long time in the second trimester, it is easy to cause water zhong, so the long -term standing time should be reduced in the second trimester.

3. Hold up the pads and stepping on high

Due to some things in daily housework, some things need to be held up or stepped on with both hands, such as drying clothes quilts, glass with high places, etc., you must pay special attention to avoid causing accidents such as extension and wrestling.Try to complete these things as much as possible, or call others to help themselves.

4, Li Erlang’s legs

We all know that the disadvantages of the legs of the Erlanglang can easily cause back pain and affect the XUE liquid circulation, not to mention that for a pregnant woman, the legs of the Erlang are strictly prohibited. For pregnant women who have long legs in the legs of the Erlang,During pregnancy, you should try to restrain as much as possible. When you want to get up, let yourself stand up and walk, or straighten your legs to relax yourself.

5. Life in the first trimester and late pregnancy

X Life in the early and third trimester of X will increase the possibility of baby ZAO.So try to avoid X life in these two periods.In the second trimester, X lives can be performed appropriately, but the number of times of control should be controlled to avoid adverse effects on the baby.

8. Tobacco and alcohol

The disadvantages of pregnant women’s smoking and drinking should know that long -term smoking will have a very adverse effect on the baby to send YU.Don’t hold any lucky mentality, you must be completely avoided. If you have a long -term smoking and drinking habit of smoking and drinking habits before pregnancy, you should also perform pre -pregnancy examinations to adjust your body to the best state. Each sieve during pregnancy must be done during pregnancy.check.

9. Don’t eat raw food

Some Baoma likes to eat raw food before pregnancy, but after pregnancy, they must be completely avoided. Eating raw food is prone to parasitic infection and other problems. No one can guarantee the quality of the guardian in raw food.For the safety of the baby, it is not recommended to eat raw food.

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