When you are pregnant, you can eat fish. The more you eat fish, the smarter the baby?Remember to give priority to eating fish.

Some people like to eat fish after pregnancy. In particular, when others say that eating more fish is helpful to the fetal intelligence, they can’t wait to eat fish.Is the more fish eating the more smarter the baby?What are the precautions for pregnant women to eat fish?Today, talk about eating fish during pregnancy.

First of all, it is clear that pregnancy can be eaten. The nutritional content of fish meat is relatively comprehensive. Pregnant eating fish can supplement all kinds of nutrients during pregnancy, and it is also conducive to the growth and development of the fetus. Therefore, proper eating fish is beneficial to the baby.

The development and function of the human brain requires a large amount of specific fats, including 22 carbonal acid (DHA) and its anterior body twenty-carbonic acid (EPA), which are collectively referred to as ω-3 fatty acids.

The foods containing omega-3 fatty acids are fish and shellfish.Although it also contains corresponding fatty acids in nuts, seed oil, egg yolk, and internal organs, marine life is the ideal source of these fats.

This is the reason why many people think that the more smart the children are eating, the more smarter the children. In fact, some investigations have found that eating fish after pregnancy is indeed conducive to the growth and development of fetal brain cells.Relatively small.

However, there is no true performance of research results, and eating more fish in pregnancy is smarter.After all, there are many influencing factors of baby IQ. Not only do you eat more fish, you can completely affect it. Therefore, the more smart you eat fish, the smarter the baby.

Overall, eating fish during pregnancy can supplement rich nutrition, but the more you eat the smarter the baby, the smarter the baby. I believe that everyone can understand it.

When it comes to eating fish, countless kinds of food emerge in your mind, there are braised fever, steamed, and dry fried!

Fish is rich in nutritional value, including calcium, DHA, lecithin, sulfurine, etc., but if the cooking processing method is not right, these nutrients may be lost in large quantities.

For pregnant mothers, it is more particular about light and nutritious. Steaming fish should be eaten as little as possible. You can eat more steamed fish and give you first.

Because fish oil is the place with the most unsaturated fatty acids, and the fish head is the concentration of fish oil.

① The fish head that pregnant women eat should be removed to remove the gills to remove this major detoxification organs.

② Choose fish heads from areas from better environmental protection and do not eat fish heads that do not eat severe polluting areas.

③ Do not eat deterioration, thin, deformity fish head.

④ When cooking, it is found that the fish head has kerosene, gunpowder, almond flavor, etc., and cannot be eaten.

⑤ Unexpectedly, cut fish heads are not available.

① Pregnant women eat carp, they can have functions such as spleen and appetite, diuretic swelling, cough, asthma, clearing heat and detoxifying.It is said that it has the effect of a tire.

② Pregnant women can have the functions of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing qi and blood, and clearing the stomach heat.

③ Pregnant women eat catfish, can have the functions of warmth, warmth, and moisturizing the skin.

In life, a vegetable tofu fish that can be eaten frequently is a good way to match. The amino acids of two high -protein foods are better than pregnant women.

④ Pregnant women eat catfish, they can have functions such as qi and strong spleen, beneficial to water, swelling, clearing heat and detoxifying, and passing my milk.

① Salted fish, like Hunan and Hubei, prefers making salted fish, and the taste is really good.However, because salted fish contains a large amount of nitrite dihydrium, it will be converted into nitrosamine dizide after eating, which is a harmful substance, which is not conducive to fetal growth and development.Therefore, pregnant mothers who prefer salted fish have to control it appropriately.

② Although sharks are rarely seen, let alone eat them, but some pregnant mothers living in coastal areas still have more contact, because the mercury content of sharks is particularly high, and mercury intake may lead to the central nervous system of the fetus.The system is broken or chaotic, so the shark is better.

③ Arrow fish, because of the high mercury content, is not recommended to eat arrow fish.

④ Catches, the US Food and Drug Administration reminds pregnant women and women who plan to get pregnant to avoid eating catfish.

⑤ Sashimi sashimi, unsustering fish may have the problem of contaminating bacteria and parasitic insects. Instead of seeing it, the pregnant mother should try not to eat it.

We need to know that it is rich in pectin food, which can exclude mercury ions and have the effect of detoxifying, so you can eat the following foods after eating fish:

One apple a day

One apple a day, the doctor is away from me, I believe everyone knows.The rich fiber and pectin contained in apples can avoid staying too long in the intestine.

Fresh carrot

Fresh carrots not only contain a large amount of vitamin C, but also contain a large amount of pectin, which can reduce the concentration of mercury ions in the blood, promote blood circulation and excrete toxins.


Pumpkin is not only the best sweet of diabetic patients. For a large amount of heavy metal people in the body, it can be eaten in moderation. It can help you clear the body’s heavy metals and parts of pesticides, and eliminate the mutation effect of carcinogenic nitrite.

Curry cod miscellaneous vegetable pot

Cod is rich in protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium, selenium and other pregnancy nutrients, and the taste is tender and smooth. It is the best choice for eating fish during pregnancy!

Make ingredients: cod, potatoes, carrots, oatmeal, red pepper, sauce curry.

Production focus: Stir -fry potatoes and carrots first. When the potatoes are fried a little transparent, add curry sauce.Add cod blocks and oatmeal. After adding it, don’t fry again. At this time, add water and simmer for 8 minutes.

Rainer juice catfish

Curchoma is also a common pollution fish. It is more suitable for eating during pregnancy. As long as it is slightly steamed, the taste is very delicious.

Make ingredients: catfish, tempeh, shredded onion, shredded ginger, soy sauce.

Priority of production: Before the pot is put on the pot, you need to deal with the sides of the fish on both sides of the fish. After wiping the salt, 2 minutes.Take the steamer and steam the catfish for 15-20 minutes.After processing the green onion and ginger shredded with a oil pan, pour it on the steamed fish and eat it.

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