When you are pregnant, you can’t raise a dog?Academician Zhong Nanshan’s team of top experts suggest that pets should be early as soon as possible

In recent years, the number of pets around the world has continued to increase.In our country, in some countries in Europe and Latin America, the number of dogs and cats is growing.In the phenomenon of pet fever, we found that in each family, the best play with pets at home is often some children, and some families even have a small animal for children.

But contradictory is that many parents do not like raising some small animals. They feel that they are troublesome, and it is useless.In fact, otherwise, small animals can have a huge effect on the growth of children.

There is no doubt that every child is a world. In the child’s world, there will always be various strange things.If we carefully find that, if adults want children to accept themselves, it often takes a long time; different, children can play with small animals in a short time, and some children take animalsIt is important to see.

The rapid heating up the relationship between children and small animals makes many parents feel very surprised.I wonder if parents have thought about it, why do children like animals so much, is this the way of our parenting?

Let’s take a look at why children like small animals.

Anthropologist Bai Qiangi once said: Children’s strongest friendship happened between them and animals.This is because sometimes, animals are not just animals for children, they have become alternative existence in children’s hearts.

For children, the relationship between them and animals is diverse, and they can be roughly classified as the following:

1. Small animals are children’s most loyal friends

Animals can help children complete some games perfectly.Little animals are always willing and maintaining a good mood to play with their little masters. As long as the owners need them, they will immediately come to the owners.This is why children see them as brothers.In addition, if you enlighten your children in the early days, you may find that children are very willing to learn words related to animals.This is because they regard these "things" similar to them as their good friends.

2. Small animals are children’s protector

Sometimes, animals also act as the role of protectors in their lives.Adults are always busy, so there will be no time to take care of their children.But different animals, animals are free every day and can accompany their children.When children encounter certain unexpected situations at home, such as falling, body stuck in somewhere, animals can help children solve it.

When a bad guy enters the house, the animals will drive the bad guys in their own way and protect the children.

3. Children treat small animals as heroes and television characters

The development of television and movies has played an important role in the development of children’s preferences.Many times, animals are humanized by children in children’s stories, and children sometimes imagine small animals into television or movies.Therefore, small animals occupy an important position in children’s minds.

4. Small animals are the children’s evaluation standards for different behaviors

For us, some may be daily things, but for children, a different world has been discovered.For example, the children would look at a pig rolling in the mud; seeing a running beef, or a horse running freely in the grass dumplings.The activities of these animals are very strange for their children. Instead of being not afraid, the children are fascinated by them. Sometimes children will learn the movements of these animals and hope to make the same moves as the animals.

The reason why children can play with animals are so good, in fact, there are several reasons:

1. Children and pets: Born partnership

For children, things in the world are unknown, and they will learn what they see.By observing the behavior of animals, children learn to find the toilet.And because the children are still unstable, they can only climb on the ground, which is very similar to the way animal walking.So children and animals have similarities, and they can play together.

2. Children’s sensory development

Swiss psychologist Jean Piajie once said: A simple touch between humans and animals is actually the establishment of feelings.By touching, the two establish a relationship.

Physical contact is an important part of the development of the relationship between children and animals.When children’s senses develop, they will write down everything they touch.When animals allow children to touch it, this actually represents an recognition of animals in children.

3. Animals bring a sense of security

With the growth of age, the baby’s body is getting faster and faster, and their cognitive scope will become wider and wider, and at the same time, more different activities will be made. This actually means that the child is facingMore.However, when animals are accompanied by the child, the child’s safety can be guaranteed.When the child is in danger, the small animals will protect their little masters as soon as possible.

This sense of security is not only reflected in the child’s growing up, only after the child grows up, children can also get a sense of security from animals.Every child will go through a weaning period, which is also the most difficult period for children.At this time, children need to sleep separately from their parents, which will make the child feel anxious.And when the children touch the soft fur of the animals, the children’s anxiety will decrease with contact with the animals.

4. Children and animals have an instinctual communication

Generally speaking, animals also have their own wayward side, and they will not easily succumb to anyone.The same is true for children.Since the child is independent, children have entered a period of action alone, and the relationship between children and parents will change.Children will slowly alienate their parents and turn to find a shelter and tenderness in animals.And because there are many common places between children and animals, the two will instinctively communicate.

Michael, a professor at Harvard Animal Research Center, said: Animals can always bring a huge change in psychology.Yes, animals can always strengthen our hearts through some specific actions, and so on children.

1. Animals help children cultivate self -esteem

Dr. Carry of the University of Liverpool’s infectious diseases and Dr. Carry of the Global Health Institute conducted a study, which was the content of the research on testing pets’ impact on children’s development.The paper was published in the 2017 "International Environment Research and Public Health Magazine".As a result, the role of pets on children’s self -esteem development is emphasized, and this role is particularly obvious for children under 6 years old and young people over 10 years old.

The study shows that animals usually help children cultivate their self -esteem through some physical movements.For example, when the child is crying, animals will lick the child’s face, which will comfort the child; when the child feels scared, the animal will surround the child and give the child courage. These have strengthened the child’s heart.

2. Improve children’s self -confidence

Different animals are different. The biggest advantage of animals is that they will not judge. Once animals confirm that their favorite people will not change, they are always willing to see the people they like.Animals do not care about the appearance of the child, the child’s dressing method, and the performance of the child in school. The unconditional likes of the animals will enhance the child’s confidence in virtue, so that the child feels that no matter what they do, someone will support it, although sometimes that one is that one.Supporters are just an animal.

3. Prevention of asthma

After years of research, the famous professor Zhong Nanshan team found a phenomenon that the incidence of asthma in rural children is relatively low, and the incidence of asthma in the city has a higher incidence of asthma.The research team believes that the living environment of the city is too clean and failed to contact and adapt to more allergies.

A research data from the British Empire Institute of Technology shows that before the age of 3, if a child can have a pet dog, the chance of suffering from asthma can be reduced by 40%in the future.

Professor Zhong Nanshan’s team believes that if the child is not born with allergies, he has raised pets from a young age, which has a protective effect on the allergies of children.

The establishment of feelings between children and animals seems simple, but it is not easy.After all, not every child knows how to get along with animals.Parents can refer to the following points to help their children build a healthy pet relationship:

1. When introducing children to animals, adults let children and animals interact more

Parents can encourage their children to interact with animals through interesting activities, such as hiding snacks in the room, allowing animals to sniff and find, or use a small toy to start playing with children and animals.

2. Encourage your children to help take care of pets

In normal times, parents should encourage children to understand animals living with them, let children and adults do some research, and find out the specific needs of animals.

You can also ask children to participate in the daily care of animals in the home.Children can try to put water in the animal bowl under the supervision of their parents every day.

There are tens of millions of animals in this world. It is not a simple matter to choose an animal suitable for children. Parents should remember the following points:

1. The age of animals should not be too big

The life of animals is shorter than human life. When choosing animals, you should choose some young animals.This allows children to grow together with animals and enhance the feelings between children and animals; it can also prevent children from losing their own animal playmates in childhood.

2. Choose some gentle animals

Everyone has their own character, as is animals.When choosing animals, parents should choose from their children themselves and choose some animals that get along well.

3. Choose some fur animals

The first feeling of children is important.When children touch very soft things, they are usually very happy, and they are easy to accept animals.But if you choose some animals with less fur, children may be scared when they touch the smooth skin of the animal.The most important thing is that children are too young to choose some pecking animals for children. Such animals are more difficult to get along, and they may hurt their children.

4. Confirm whether the child will be allergic to fur

This is a point that parents are easy to ignore.In this era, many people choose dogs or cats as their own pets.But before raising them, adults should take their children to do a skin test to check whether the child would be allergic to something.

Animals have some special significance for children. Animals can free their children’s inner world and stimulate children’s learning ability and imagination.Animals can not only become children’s game partners, but also become the most loyal confidants of children and the real four -footed educator.Animals are friends that children cannot lack. This is why children generally like small animals.

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