Whether the most comprehensive judgment is pregnant!worth collecting

Pregnancy is one of the most important things in life for women, and it will change a person’s life trajectory.Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether to be pregnant earlier. The sooner you know, the more you can make better choices.So today I have specially compiled the answers about you want to know about pregnancy. An article solves all your confusion.

Method 1: Through the symptoms of early pregnancy

1. Recall when the last one -time life is.If there is no sexual life, you don’t need to consider whether you are pregnant.Recall whether there are contraceptive measures at the time, such as: contraceptives, condoms, etc.Without any measures, the chance of pregnancy will increase greatly.

2. If the pregnancy is successful, the fertilized eggs generally start to bed in about 1 week. At this time, you really start breeding the fetus, and the body will start secreting various hormones.

3. If menstruation is delayed, you need to pay attention.If you have no menstruation for more than 1 week or longer, then you may be pregnant.However, this method is prone to errors and unreliable for women with irregular menstruation.

4. Pay attention to chest changes.After pregnancy, the level of hormone in your body will change, making the chest softer and gradually increasing.In the process of adapting hormone changes in the body, the chest will also cause discomfort and pain.These changes can be felt in the early stages of pregnancy.

5. I feel that I am extremely tired.Breeding a small life is not an easy thing, it will make you feel extremely tired.For example, in the early stages of pregnancy, the body will secrete a progesterone, which will make you feel tired.

6. Pay attention to the issue of "morning vomiting".Starting from two weeks of pregnancy, 70%to 80%of pregnant women will have the phenomenon of "morning vomiting", that is, feel nausea and want to vomit.Generally speaking, after 3 months of pregnancy, this situation will be reduced.

7, the sense of smell is more sensitive.Many women will increase their sense of smell during pregnancy, which will be very sensitive to some strong odors or certain foods, or they are extremely eager for certain foods or smells.

8. Constipation.During pregnancy, pregnant women may have constipation problems.

9. Increased urination.Due to changes in body hormones in the early stages of pregnancy, you may increase the number of times to the toilet.In the middle and late pregnancy, the fetus will compress the bladder, and you will also have frequent symptoms.

10. Pay attention to bleeding.When some pregnant women come to menstruation, a small amount of blood or brown secretions will appear on the underwear, and the color is lighter than the color of normal menstruation.

11. Emotional fluctuations.The changes in hormones in the body will also affect the mood of pregnant women. If you find that your emotions are particularly fluctuating, you still laugh in the previous minute, and you can’t help crying the next second, then you may be pregnant.

12, inexplicable dizziness.Dizziness may occur during pregnancy.In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women will grow new blood vessels, and blood pressure will change and cause dizziness.Of course, dizziness may also be caused by hypoglycemia.

Method 2: pregnancy test

1. Use the pregnancy test stick.If you are sure that your menstruation is postponed, you can use the pregnancy test stick after waking up in the morning. At this time, the measurement results are more accurate.Some pregnancy test sticks can be used even before the menstrual cycle is over.

2. You can confirm again.Generally speaking, the results of the pregnancy test stick are accurate, but premature pregnancy test may not be verified.You can test again every few days.

3. Urine test, blood test.If the pregnancy test stick shows that you are pregnant, you can go to the hospital for urine tests and blood tests, 100 % confirm whether you are pregnant, and then make your next plan, such as: children’s stay, whether to check for delivery, etc.

If pregnancy is an accident, you need to confirm whether you are ready to raise your child.Is your body and mind ready to be a mother?Is the economic situation permit?Children are a huge responsibility, both psychologically, physical or economic.

If you decide to give up your child, you need to do artificial abortion.In the first three months of pregnancy, there are two main types of abortion, with drug abortion and surgical abortion.Drug abortion is the purpose of using drugs to achieve abortion.There is no need to operate by the abortion of surgery. Doctors will use people to attract the embryos.

If you decide to leave your child, you need to start a birth check.The check -up is to go to the hospital for pregnancy. You need to go to the hospital regularly according to the doctor’s arrangement. The purpose of the delivery examination is to ensure the health of the fetus.

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