Whether you can do the same room when you are pregnant, doctors say that

Once a woman is pregnant, she becomes the key protection object of the family. The status has risen. The family takes care of it, and her mother is expensive, so she is basically the most cared time for women in this life.But there is a shame during pregnancy, and it is also a troubled mother and father who has troubled it. Can you still have the same room?Let’s listen to the doctor’s advice!

A total of three stages can be divided into three stages, early pregnancy (1-3 months), second trimester (4-6 months), and third trimester (7-9 months).

In the early stages of pregnancy: I just found pregnancy. Generally speaking, the embryo is not very stable, and the pregnant mother’s body changes, which will also be a little uncomfortable. In addition, many people will have a pregnancy reaction in the early stages of pregnancy.Therefore, in the early stages of pregnancy, it is not recommended to have the same room.In fact, Zhima thinks that the same room does not mean sexual intercourse.Kissing, hugging, caressing, these are also a healthy sex life, and have no harm to expectant mothers in the early pregnancy.

In the middle of pregnancy: Starting more than four months, the placenta has been formed, and the premature pregnancy response of pregnant mothers generally relieves, appetite and sexual desire are greatly enhanced, and the abdomen protrusion is not obvious. The pregnant mother is relatively relative in the second trimester of pregnancy.It is the easiest to say, and the baby in the belly has also entered a relatively safe stage.At this time, Bao Da Bao Mom can be in the same room appropriately, but the movement must be gentle, after all, there are babies in the stomach.American medicine has also proved that when love in the middle of pregnancy, it can enhance the relationship between husband and wife, and at the same time, the baby can feel the love between parents!

In the third trimester: From seven months, the stomach of the pregnant mother has gradually become bigger and bigger, and it is not as good as the belly as big as a big belly.Therefore, pregnant mothers will become inconvenient and inconvenient in the third trimester, and due to hormones, the sexual desire of pregnant mothers will be greatly reduced. If the same room is in the same room, it is easy to cause uterine contraction and premature birth.The baby thinks, you must hold back.

Although the second trimester can be in the same room, it is only suitable for pregnant mothers who are healthy. If the following situations occur, it is best to consult a doctor’s advice based on personal physical fitness.

1. Pregnant women with a history of abortion and premature birth;

2. Abdominal pain and vaginal hemorrhage, severe complications (such as hypertension, diabetes, severe heart disease, etc.);

3. Obvious inflammation of the cervix or vagina;

4. Specific dad suffer from sexually transmitted diseases: Bacteria of sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted to pregnant women and fetuses during sexual intercourse, so sexual life should be prohibited before completely cure.

I hope everyone can safely spend a healthy baby during pregnancy!

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