Which expectant mothers are not suitable for eating rice dumplings?

Text/Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liu Xinyu Correspondent Wang Yan

In recent days, more and more citizens who have purchased finished rice dumplings or make raw materials (such as rice leaves, glutinous rice, etc.) have been purchased in major merchants.However, some quasi -mothers are worried that eating rice dumplings will cause physical discomfort. Let’s listen to how Liang Jianning’s attending physician of the Chinese Medicine Department of the Fifth Hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University answered.

"Under normal circumstances, there is no harm to pregnant women eating grain miscellaneous grains and meat. The glutinous rice in the rice dumplings is sweet and warm, which can warm the spleen and stomach and replenish qi.Nausea, reduced appetite, diarrhea and qi deficiency, sweat deficiency, shortness of qi and weakness, pregnancy abdomen swelling and other symptoms. From this point of view, it is possible to eat it in moderation in pregnant women. "Liang Jianning said.

However, because the "stuffing" in the rice dumplings is mostly meat, bean paste, egg yolk, etc., high calories, large fat, and more sugar, so Liang Jianning reminds that if it is overweight, or expectant mothers with gestational diabetes, pregnancy and hypertension, it is best to avoid noticeEssence

How can ordinary people eat dumplings happily without causing gastrointestinal discomfort?Liang Jianning made three suggestions:

First, choose the right rice dumplings.

Choose a rice dumplings that suits you according to your own situation and constitution.If you have hyperlipidemia and often indigestion, you can choose bean paste, jujube, pumpkin, etc. without lard and fat.For people with high blood sugar, you can choose miscellaneous grain dumplings or eight treasures. Such rice dumplings have added coarse grains and potatoes such as red beans, mung beans, green beans, corn, barley, purple rice, purple potatoes, etc.In terms of extent, blood sugar can be delayed.

Second, control the delicious amount.

The rice dumplings are staple foods. They can be eaten in all three meals, but it is good to eat at most one day. Breakfast and lunch are more suitable.However, it should be noted that rice dumplings are by no means snacks or desserts. If you eat food such as rice, noodles, and steamed buns, don’t eat rice dumplings.

Third, you can eat it with tea, vegetables and vegetables.

Alkaline water can be equipped with mint tea and green tea; bacon pork with Pu’er tea, chrysanthemum tea, hawthorn tea, can remove oil and greasy.In addition, eating some vegetables, fruits and rice dumplings is more nutritious and helpful for digestion.

Author: Liu Xinyu

Source: Yangcheng Evening News

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