Which subject should the fishbone stuck throat?Many people are wrong (not dental department)

When it comes to eating fish, people who like it are unhappy every day.Why do people particularly don’t like to eat fish?In addition to the fishy smell of some fish, there is another reason that eating fish is easy to thorn and it is too uncomfortable!Many people have experienced the experience of eating fish cards. The thorns seem to be a trivial matter, but improper handling may cause life to danger!Today I will talk to you about "eating fish card thorn".


Why do some fish thorn and less fish thorns?

In addition to a spine, many fish will also have "intermuscular bones (IBS), also known as small bone of the muscle, which is distributed in the spine parts and connected to the vertebral body.On the small bone, it is formed by the ossification of the tissue of the muscle intervals. The main function is the movement of fixing and auxiliary muscles.

From ancient times to the present, in the process of evolving fish, the muscle thorns have experienced from less to more -from to more to less -the final disappearance stage, such as eel shapes, carp shapes, muscle -shaped, muscle -shaped, muscle -shaped, muscle, muscle, muscle shapes, muscle shapes, musclesThere are more thorns, and late -shaped eyes and bass shapes, there are fewer muscle thorns.In other words, there are more muscle spines in the lower -level fish in evolution.Different fish and fishbone are different. Generally speaking, there are fewer fish thorn in sea fish, and there are more fish thorn in river fish, but this is not absolute. It cannot be generalized.Most of the river fish that we often eat in our daily life belong to relatively low -level fish, such as the four major fish in our country "cattle, grass carp, catfish, catfish", and the "four famous fish" Songjiang bass, Yellow River carp, and the Yellow River carp, andXingkai Lake Lake and Songhua River, have more muscle thorns.And the sea fish we often eat are grouper and big yellow croakers belong to the bass shape, with less thorns.

grass carp.However, there are some categories of seafish with more muscle thorns, such as sardines and eel.

sardine.In fact, no matter whether it is less stabbing or more stabbing fish, there may be a stuck accident. Even the veterans who eat fish will inevitably encounter the stabbing condition. Therefore, it should be slower when eating fish.Too anxious.So what harm will it cause to the human body if it is stuck in the fishbone?


Harmly stuck by the fishbone

Eating fish cards, some older generations will use earthwork to solve, such as swallowing buns rice, drinking vinegar, picking with hands, etc., but these methods are not scientific.

The main ingredient of fishbone is calcium, which can react with the acetic acid in vinegar, but if you want to use vinegar to soften the fishbone, the effect is very small. Because vinegar only stops in the throat, the effect is not long, and the effective acetic acid in vinegar is effective in vinegar.The ingredients are very low, and it needs to be soaked for a long time with its softening fishbone.

In addition, vinegar is easy to stimulate the esophagus. If the esophagus is scratched by the fish thorns, it is easy to further stimulate the wound to cause discomfort.And swallowing food will push the fishbone deeper.Under normal circumstances, most fishbone is stuck in the tonsils and the roots of the tongue. The blind swallowing food will push the fishbone into the depths of the throat and cut through the throat and esophagus, which may cause infection; if the fishbone is large, it is large.It will even penetrate the cauliflower directly, causing perforation.

The esophagus is perforated and can easily cause local abscesses. These abscesses can compress the trachea and cause suffocation, and may also involve blood vessels caused by severe infections. The aortic is also next to the esophagus. The fishbone may also pierce the aortic after breaking the esophagus, causing major bleeding.Some fishbone will also enter the stomach and small intestine, causing gastric perforation and peritonitis. If it is not treated in time, life is dangerous in minutes.Some people may use Heimlik’s first aid method, which is also unscientific, because the fishbone stuck is stuck in the esophagus rather than the trachea.I did not expect that the harm of eating fish card thorns was so great. What can we do if unfortunately stuck by the fishbone?


What should I do if I get stuck by the fishbone

Eat the fish stab, do not blindly take the thorns on your own, keep calm first, confirm whether it is really stuck by the fishbone, and exclude the illusion that the food can scratch the esophagus mucosa due to the fast eating speed.How to confirm that it is a fishbone card throat?If you do not swallow (do not swallow), the pain is not obvious, and there is obvious tingling when swallowing.You can give a strong cough first. If it is a small fishbone, it will be rushed out of the air flow; if the cough is invalid, you can use the flashlight to observe the throat, check whether the fishbone can be seen, if you can see the fishbone, you can let your family try to clamp it with a mule.If you can’t take it out, you should go to the otolaryngology department of the hospital immediately and ask a professional doctor to take the thorns.

Before taking the thorns, the doctor will check the location of the fishbone. If the fishbone stuck is lighter, you can directly take the thorns with the mule.If the detection finds that the fishbone enters the esophagus, you need to use the esophageal mirror or gastroscopy for thorns; the fishbone of very few patients will enter a deeper place, such as the stomach and the small intestine.EssenceOverall, as long as it is properly handled, there will be no big deal.As one of the important sources of protein in our daily life and diet system, if we refuse to eat it due to fishbone, we really have to lose money.If you also like to eat fish, but suffer from the fishbone but cannot be happy, then you may wish to choose some fish with less fish thorns to eat, such as golden catfish, grouper, sea bass, Luo Fei fish, etc.EssenceIn addition, when eating fish, remember not to use it with one heart, concentrate on eating fish, and concentrate on "picking" to eat more at ease ~

Review: Professor of the Department of Animal Breeding and Development of China Agricultural University;

Source: Digital Beijing Science Center

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