Who is Qin Shihuang’s biological father?Why did his mother Zhao Ji give birth to him twelve months?

The controversy of Qin Shihuang’s biological father was the earliest from Sima Qian’s "Historical Records".

In "Historical Records of the Qin Shihuang", Sima Qian wrote: "Emperor Qin Shi, Prince Zhuang Xiang also. Zhuang Xiang is a proton in Zhao, and he sees Lu Buwei Jiger, and he is pleasing to the emperor."

However, in "The Biography of Historical Records of Lu Buwei", he also said: "Lu Buwei took the Handan Ji Ji a good dancer and dancer and knew that he had a body.. Lu Buwei was angry. He had broken his family as his son Chu. He wanted to fish for his strangeness.

According to the first statement, Qin Shihuang was naturally the son of King Zhuang Xiang. However, according to the second statement, Lu Buwei dedicated him to King Zhuang Xiang after Zhao Ji was pregnant.So, why would King Zhuang Xiang recognize the child who won the government as his own?Because Zhao Ji did not know how to reach the "big period" when he was pregnant, that is, he won the government after 12 months.

So, which kind of statement is correct?

It should be the first one, that is, winning the government is the son of King Zhuang Xiang.There are three reasons:

First, from the perspective of physiology, a person may be born prematurely, but it cannot be produced until twelve months. Even if it is, it must be dead.Therefore, the so -called "big period" is a rumor.

Secondly, from King Zhuang Xiang, he may really have a woman who is already pregnant, but it is never possible to set up other people’s children as heirs.King Zhuang Xiang is not without a son.In addition, before and after winning the king’s throne, the entire Qin clan attacked many attacks on Yingzheng, but none of them said that he was not the son of King Zhuang Xiang.

Therefore, the blood of winning politics does not have to doubt.

Third, from Lu Buwei, as a big businessman with ambition and ambitions, he sent a woman who was already pregnant to King Zhuang Xiang.Consciousness, not only did they cooperate between them, but Lu Buwei could not live.

Therefore, Lu Buwei offers Zhao Ji, and he will definitely make Zhao Ji’s impeccable, everything is satisfied with King Zhuang Xiang, which is in line with Lu Buwei’s interests.

So, when the Qin Dynasty and the early Han Dynasty, the folk rumors would be the son of Lu Buwei.

The biggest possibility is that this rumor is Lu Buwei and his doors.

We all know that after winning the political succession, Lu Buwei was in power. Later, Zhao Ji trusted him, and the two joined forces to have great power.He even wanted to abolish Qin Shihuang, and established his own children as Qin King.Under such circumstances, Qin Shihuang counterattacked, not only killed the 嫪毐, but also successfully grasped the highest power.

After being destroyed, Quan Xianglu Buwei became the stumbling block of Qin Shihuang, and the contradiction between the two sides was very fierce.In order to maintain his own power, Lu Buwei and his doorkeeper spread rumors, saying that Qin Shihuang was actually his son. As a son, he could not kill his father.

In the end, Qin Shihuang defeated Lu Buwei. He thought several times and abolished Lu Buwei’s position. However, he did not kill him, but was exiled Lu Buwei.Qin Shihuang’s different ways of dealing with Lu Buwei also made the people feel that there may be a blood relationship between Qin Shihuang and Lu Buwei.

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