Who is the disaster?How can we be effectively treated?

With the changes in people’s living environment and lifestyle, the ratio of infertility patients in my country has increased significantly.However, for the pregnant mother and the mother who are pregnant, the worse is pregnancy, but they can’t keep the child.

In the face of repeated abortion, in addition to suffering a lot of pressure, it is more confused and overwhelmed for the pregnant couple.Today, let’s talk about the "recurrence abortion".

Natural abortion refers to an unwilling abortion with less than 28 weeks of pregnancy and less than 1000g of fetus. The embryo or fetus automatically separate from the mother’s body and discharge through non -artificial methods, and the pregnancy of no life phenomenon is terminated.

Recurrent miscarriage (RSA) refers to a natural miscarriage that occurs two or more than two consecutive or more than two consecutive or more, or auxiliary reproductive transplantation fails.

According to epidemiological statistics, the incidence of recurrent abortion is about 5 %.At present, it is believed that the cause of recurrent abortion is more complicated and is a more difficult to cure infertility.

Recurrent abortion is a world problem, complicated causes, and some causes are not clear.At present, the cause of recurrent abortion mainly includes the following categories:


Including couple dye dye abnormalities and embryo chromosome abnormalities.The couple’s dye dye abnormalities have structural abnormalities (mutual volatile, Robertson, turning between the arms, internal arms, abnormal sex chromosomes, gene polymorphism) and abnormal numbersEssenceThe embryo chromosomes are abnormal, multi -twice, monomer, and uneven levels.It should be noted that not the dyeing of the couple is normal, the embryo chromosomes must be normal, and chromosomal abnormalities may occur during the formation of embryo.

Endocrine factors

Some endocrine diseases such as poorly controlled diabetes, and abnormal thyroid dysfunction can lead to the occurrence of this disease.The effects of polycystic ovary syndrome, lack of luteal function, and high-level prolactin levels affect the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis, which cause abnormal hormone and receptor levels, which will cause abnormal pregnancy luteal function and may cause miscarriage.

Coagulation factor

It is generally believed that if there is a state of thrombosis, plus the blood during pregnancy is in a high -coordinated state, it is easy to form a local micro -thrombosis of the placenta or even cause placenta infarction, which reduces the blood supply of the placenta tissue.Insufficient is easy to cause embryo or fetal ischemia and hypoxia, which eventually leads to dysplasia and abortion.

Immune factors

Automotic RSA mainly includes anti -phospholipid antibody syndrome (APS), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), dry syndrome, etc.; The same immune RSA pathogenesis is not completely clear, which is to eliminate the diagnosis.

Uterine factors

The uterus is inherently developing well, such as uterine malformations. Due to the narrow uterine cavity, insufficient blood supply or embryo, but unstable, it may cause abortion.Uterine injuries such as uterine adhesion, cervical laceration, and relaxation of the cervix are also easy to cause miscarriage.There are also some organic lesions, such as uterine fibroids, which can also cause abortion.


Pathogenic microorganisms and other pathogenic microorganisms such as resolving chlamydia, humanconecopy, human giant cell virus, chlamydia, human papilloma virus may produce a harmful inflammatory response and immune system response to women’s uterine endometrium, interfere with embryo implantation or damage the growth of embryos in growthCause RSA.

If patients with a history of recurrence of abortion intend to get pregnant again, they should cooperate with doctors to do a comprehensive examination during pregnancy, to find out the cause of abortion, and some targeted causes are treated for the cause.

For recurrent abortion caused by genetic factors, the chromosome analysis of both husband and wife should be used.

1. Endocrine abnormalities such as abnormal thyroid function, polycystic ovary syndrome, diabetes, etc., need to adjust endocrine under the guidance of a doctor.

2. If a pregnant woman is in a state of thrombosis, you can take a small dose of aspirin, or supplement folic acid, vitamin B12, etc. to achieve certain effects.

3. If the abortion is caused by the infection factors, it should be routine to do pre -pregnancy examination during pregnancy, screening bacterial vaginal disease, mycoplasma, chlamydia, etc. on the reproductive tract secretions, and give targeted treatment.Use antibiotics.

4. Women with incomplete cervical function are recommended to prevent cervical rings from 13 to 14 weeks of pregnancy, and the morphology of uterine cavity changes, such as subcarcated fibroids in the uterine mucosal fibroids, should be moved by hysteroscopy before pregnancy.

Repeated abortion is indeed a stabbing of thousands of quasi -mother’s heart and knife.Therefore, when we encounter a recurrence of abortion, we must go to a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment. The reason is clear, and the right medicine can be performed.

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