Who said that Yang Mi and baby are pregnant?Just look at their pregnant photos!

Kim Tai and Rain announced a great news through the brokerage company -Kim Tae -priests have been pregnant for 15 weeks!At present, the two of the loving people are preparing for the arrival of new lives.Netizens also fry the pan, all full blessings, and the low -key two are worth so quiet.

The stars’ pregnancy status is completely different from the style of ordinary MM. Why can they be so charming in their stomachs?In addition to professional nutritional matching during pregnancy, it also has a reasonable relationship with reasonable fitness.Let’s take a look at the rare pregnancy photos of stars. Who is more beautiful?

1. baby

The pet wife, Huang Xiaoming, took a long photo with BABY’s belly some time ago. On the one hand, he rumored the "surrogacy theory" and on the other hand, he also sprinkled a lot of dog food. The baby’s smile was also particularly infectious.

2. Kunling

This is estimated to be the most envious of the post -90s girls.Zhou Dong took a vacation photo with Kun Ling on the White Valentine’s Day. Kun Ling appeared to be a bird with a bird, and his happiness came.

3. Sun Yan

How can this inventory can’t get around the stunning Sun Yan? Why can the mother’s pregnancy be so beautiful? At first you have had this group of photos?Nowadays, Sun Yan is also promoted to the star mother who can educate children the most. She has a very experience in dealing with the problem of the second child. The name of Xiaohua sister is also obtained.

4. Lin Xinru

Lin Xinru’s pregnancy photos are as sweet as usual. She lamented that "the time passed quickly", but time was very good for her, and her skin still looked shiny and flexible.

5. Pan Yang

Pan Yang and the wealthy businessman Shi Lei, who had a net worth of hundreds of millions, married low -key. After marriage, she rarely appeared in the public sight.It was not until the nearby delivery, and a set of "pregnancy photos" was exposed.

6. Yang Mi

Yang Mi is rarely enthusiastic about shooting during pregnancy as other stars when she is pregnant, but from the wide clothes, it can also be seen that the changes in people during pregnancy are more glorious, and the watery eyes are even more girly!

Why are the stars who are pregnant and their limbs are still slender?I think it can be included in the unsolved mystery of the world!Who will reveal the benefit of global women?

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