Why are pregnant women prone to vaginitis?Will there be any impact on the fetus?

Pregnancy is a very happy thing, and many women are more concerned about their bodies and fetuses during pregnancy.It is precisely because many pregnant women will find that vaginitis is prone to occur during pregnancy, and the occurrence of vaginitis makes them particularly worried that they will affect their bodies and fetuses. Does vaginitis affect the fetus?Why are pregnant women prone to vaginitis?Take a look.

Because women’s physical hormone levels change during pregnancy, it is easy to cause the body to be affected and cause the vagina micro -ecological imbalance.Vaginitis.

In addition, there are many pregnant women in the pregnancy of leucorrhea during pregnancy and even some abnormalities, so they will over -clean their vulva and vagina, causing the vaginal flora to be destroyed and induced mold vaginitis.Vulvar itching, and when the leucorrhea secretions are abnormal, they must be vigilant. Most of them are caused by vaginitis. At this time, measures should be taken for treatment.

If you have timely treatment with vaginitis during pregnancy, it can be effectively controlled. If it is not treated in time, it is easy for pregnant women to recur during pregnancy, especially fungal vaginitis.When mold infection is not controlled in time, pregnant women in the third trimester or during production will cause premature fetal membrane due to mold existence, which can easily cause retrograde infections in the uterine cavity.

Some even cause the local tissue to be congested and crispy due to the existence of vaginitis. In the process of production, it is easy to tear and pull injuries, and the later healing will be directly affected.

At the same time, if the vagina is produced, the fetus will come out directly from the vagina, which can easily cause the fetal skin to infect mold and induce goose.

Therefore, pregnant women must be alert to if the symptoms of vaginal inflammation occur during pregnancy, they should be particularly alert to seek medical treatment in time and take effective control.In addition, some pregnant women’s blood sugar will rise during pregnancy, which can easily make the vaginal mucosal sugar too high and make bacteria breed a lot. Therefore, pay attention to controlling their blood sugar during pregnancy.

Generally speaking, vaginitis in pregnant women is more common during pregnancy, so we must make themselves vigilant during pregnancy, take preventive measures, maintain vaginal hygiene, wash diligence in diligence, rinse vulva with warm water every day, keep diet, keep diet, and keep diet.Light, so that you have good work and rest habits. Only by doing these can you reduce vaginitis and prevent vaginitis from harming.

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