Why are the current tomatoes more and more difficult to eat?The substance that affects the taste is here, and the knowledge is raised

Hello everyone, everyone is familiar with tomatoes. In our daily life, we often eat it. It has a diverse way of eating and frequently appears on our table. Its taste is sour and sweet, and many people love to eat.

I remember that when I was a child, I planted tomatoes in the small garden of my home. I often picked one, and I was eaten with my hands. The taste and taste are still unforgettable.I don’t know why the tomatoes were so delicious at that time!Now think about it. In the past, the garden was planted with tomatoes. There were no fertilizers and no pesticides. The tomatoes bought in the market now are red outside, green inside, and the taste is not good.

Nutrition of tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in nutrition, containing a variety of vitamins, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, and other substances. They often eat tomatoes with a lot of benefits.Preventive heart disease, atherosclerotic hard hanging and other diseases are very beneficial.

Tomatoes are eaten well or they are familiar with

Many people often struggle with this problem.In fact, no matter how to eat tomatoes, it is very nutritious, but it is just a different nutrition obtained by these two methods of eating.We are eating tomatoes. It can help absorb vitamin C in the body. When the tomatoes are cooked and eaten, the vitamin C in it may be decomposed, but the cooked tomato can make the lycopene inside produce.It is more conducive to beauty and beauty.Therefore, no matter how you eat tomatoes, it has nutrition, but it is different from the nutrition.

Tomato’s taste comparison

Do you feel that the current tomato is different from the previous tomato?In daily life, I often hear people around me saying that the current tomatoes can’t eat the previous taste. Why is the current tomato and the previous tomato taste so much worse?In fact, this has something to do with planting and commercialization.

In many experiments of scientists, the taste of tomatoes is not good because it lacks a tomato -flavored substance.

The reason why tomatoes are poor

First of all, we have to talk about the vegetable farmers when the tomatoes are not completely cooked during the transportation process. In this way, avoid damage to the tomato during the transportation process.The taste is good.

The second is to ripen. The normal tomato growth cycle is 120 to 180 days, but in order to increase the yield, most vegetable farmers will ripen tomatoes.Wait, in this way, the cooked tomatoes are not naturally mature.

The third is the variety of tomatoes. The tomatoes cultivated now are generally resistant to transportation and stored. Most of these tomatoes are thick and the flesh is thick.The storage time is short, so now the tomatoes will feel worse.

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