Why are you more afraid of hot pregnancy?In summer, pregnant women blow the air conditioner and beware of the "air conditioning disease", so in this way of summer

If you ask you why not sleep with pregnant women in summer?Most people answered: Afraid of squeezing to pregnant women, but it is not.

Recently, his cousin has been upgraded to his dad. In the process of chatting with him, he felt that it was best not to sleep with pregnant women in summer.What makes him sigh?Under the inquiry, it turned out that the brother -in -law was afraid of heat. He turned on the air conditioner 24 degrees all night. A big man with a strong firepower could not be carried.

① The impact of hormones after pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, the body temperature of women is between 36.9 ° C-37.2 ° C. After pregnancy, the female ovarian formsals. A substance generated by the luteal is called progesterone. I believe most pregnant mothers know that it can increase the body temperature of pregnant mothers.This is a normal physiological process, and pregnant mothers don’t have to worry about it.

② The metabolism is accelerated, so I am more afraid of heat

With the rapid growth and development of the fetus and the increase during pregnancy, the blood flow and speed of pregnant mothers will increase. Therefore, her metabolism will also accelerate, and she will be afraid of heat.

③ Before pregnancy is hot constitution, and more serious during pregnancy

Many women are hot and hot before pregnancy. The manifestation of hot hotness after pregnancy will not be alleviated and will only increase.There are many such pregnant mothers around them. Attentive people can find that their facial skin is more likely to grow acne, and in summer, they like cold food.

In summary, some pregnant women are afraid that heat is actually a normal physiological process. In addition, the weather itself is hot, and they will be difficult to pass at night if they do not turn on the air conditioner at night, but if they blow the air conditioner all night, will it affect the fetus?Woolen cloth?

After pregnancy, the basic metabolic rate is 25%higher than the average person, so it will generate more heat, and the body temperature is also 0.2 ° C -0.5 ° C higher than before pregnancy.No.

In the past, there was no air conditioner in the older generation, so there was no saying that there was an air -conditioning disease at all. With the current development of technology and air conditioning, there is air conditioning and heating in coldness. Who is willing to make himself suffer during pregnancy?But if the air conditioner is always turned on, pregnant mothers should be careful of "air conditioning disease".

"Air Conditioning Diseases", as the name implies, is the disease that appears in the air -conditioned room. It is often manifested as unpopular nasal congestion, dry eyes, dry lips, dizziness skin, and discomfort such as joint pain, muscle pain.

Air -conditioning disease is not because of the cold air frozen air conditioning, often because the indoor does not ventilate, and the physiological function adjustment during pregnancy is poor.Pregnant mothers are more likely to have irritability, sleep quality, etc., and severe cases will affect fetal development.

Clean air conditioner

Pregnant mothers can blow the air conditioner in summer, but before blowing the air conditioner, you should find someone to clean the air conditioner in advance to avoid the air conditioner’s odor, resulting in not fresh air.

Open window ventilation

In addition, in the process of blowing the air conditioner, we must not remember to open the window to open the windows in order to save electricity and control windows.Generally speaking, after the air conditioner is used for 1 to 3 hours in a row, it is best to turn off the air conditioner, open the doors and windows, and change the indoor air. At least 10 minutes, this can reduce the concentration of viruses and bacteria in the air and improve air quality.Pregnant mothers should not completely rely on the air -conditioning wind change function, because it can only complete the interoperability of some indoor and external air.

Rest assured, insufficient air -conditioning radiation affects the fetus

In addition to these, some pregnant mothers are worried that the air conditioner has radiation and will not be good for themselves and the fetus. In fact, air conditioning radiation is not enough to cause adverse effects on pregnant mothers and fetuses.

① Pay attention to dress

In the summer, sweating constantly, and sometimes sweats are easy to stick to the skin for a long time, which is particularly uncomfortable.Therefore, for pregnant mothers, try to choose clothes with large, comfortable and sweat -absorbing.Especially the breasts during pregnancy will increase appropriately. Choose a bra with a suitable size to avoid excessive bondage.Choose cotton underwear, clean and ultraviolet anti -virus every day to avoid vaginitis during pregnancy.

② Pay attention to diet

If you have a little diet in summer, it will cause gastrointestinal diseases.Therefore, pregnant mothers are especially paying attention to eating healthy foods to avoid eating overnight, cold, and cold food.For sugar mothers, we must control the amount of fruits, pay attention to the balance of diet, do not blindly pursue high nutrition, avoid being too large due to excess nutrition, and eventually difficulty in giving birth.

③ Do not adjust the air conditioner too low

Just as her cousin daughter -in -law, because she was too afraid of heat, she opened a 24 -degree air conditioner at night for a whole night, but she was easily cold.Pregnant women should not be adjusted too low when opening the air conditioner, and it is more suitable for 25-26 ° C. The room that opens the air conditioner should pay attention to opening the windows and ventilation to prevent bacteria from breeding.

④ Travel to avoid heat stroke

In the hot summer, usually from 10 am to 3 pm, it is scorching. During this period, pregnant mothers should avoid travel.If you really have to go out, pay attention to sun protection and pay attention to hydrating in time.

⑤ Make sure sleep quality

In summer, pregnant women must ensure that more than 8 hours of sleep time, and try to have 30 minutes or more lunch breaks to ensure full of energy.During the rest, the posture of pregnant women is better on the left side. This can not only improve the blood supply of the uterus, but also reduce the compression of the uterus and vein, which is conducive to reducing lower limb edema.

⑥ Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene

In addition, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to bathing and changing clothes to keep their skin clean.The temperature of the bath water should be moderate, it is best to shower. Do not take too long. It is advisable to take about 10 minutes and once a day.

Pregnant women who are afraid of heat are not a few. For the health of the baby in the abdomen, please blow the air conditioner appropriately.

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