Why can contraception still get pregnant?5 most common error contraception methods, you must know

When you are in love, many girls may have heard of the "ghost" like her boyfriend, so I can’t get in …

Unfortunately, if you are not careful, you will be a rumor.

01 Safety period cannot be contraceptive

Women’s menstrual cycle is divided into menstrual period, ovulation period, and safety period. Safe occurrence contraception is a contraceptive method to stop sexual life during ovulation.

This is a widely circulated rumor, but ovulation will be affected by various factors such as emotional, hormones, stimuli and other factors. The safety stage contraception is not safe at all, and the success rate is very low!

02 Endogenic essence cannot be contraceptive

In vitro, although the naked eye did not see the sperm entering the vagina, it did not mean that it did not mean that there was no real. Even if it was arranged in the body, the sperm could secrete the vagina along the vulva, causing pregnancy.

In addition, before the male ejaculation, a small amount of semen and prostate fluid may flow out of the urethral opening. Even if there are only 1 drop, it will include 50,000 to 60,000 sperm, which is enough to cause women to get pregnant.Still try to try with a chance.

03 It is dangerous to use a condom without full process

Many men like to wear a sleeve halfway, which is tantamount to the in vitro sperm.It may cause pregnancy, so it is safer to use condoms throughout the process.

04 After sexual life, rinse the vagina is not reliable

There was a patient who failed twice of the contraception. After asking, she knew that she rinsed the vagina after sex with her sexual life. She thought that the vagina was rinsed up after sexual life, which could prevent sperm and eggs from meeting.

During ovulation, sperm enters the fallopian tube from the vagina as soon as possible. It takes only a few minutes. When you get up and take a bath and rinse the vagina, maybe many sperm have entered the uterus. In this way, contraception is simply black humor.

05 Breastfeeding contraceptive method is risky

Many mothers think that when you have given birth to your baby, during the breastfeeding period, there is no menstruation, and you will not get pregnant in the same room. You do n’t have to take contraceptive measures. This is another trap!During breastfeeding, even if there is no menstruation, ovulation may be ovulation. Ovulation and menstruation are not consistent. Perhaps ovulation may mean pregnancy, so love love is risky, and contraception needs to be cautious.

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