Why can pregnancy treat dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation?Know the truth, thank you baby

I often hear many women say that since the pregnancy, the previous dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation are gone. All the problems of menstruation have been improved. Many Baoma feels amazing. Pregnancy is really a particularly amazing piecematter.

From the beginning of the initial menstrual tide, some women will accompany some small problems during dysmenorrhea and various menstrual periods. I especially remember a college class. My menstruation at the same table has passed.It should only be known to those who have experienced it.

Some women belong to long -term irregular menstruation. Irregular menstruation will be considered to be conditioned in the health of the human body. For exampleMany people will find that the problem of irregular menstruation that has troubled them for many years has even healed.

After pregnancy, women’s body is like a uterus, and the breasts will experience the development process again. The endocrine of the body will also get a spontaneous regulation, and dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation will naturally improve. Therefore, after pregnancy, I feel that I feel that I am physically.In addition to changes in appearance, the changes in the level of hormone levels. On the one hand, these changes help the baby can "grow up" smoothly, and on the other hand, it is to regulate women’s health.In the health state, the baby can develop smoothly. This is the function of self -coordination of the body. Therefore, after giving birth, when the hormone level returns to a stable state again, it is the best postpartum physical condition.

Pregnancy can reduce gynecological problems

Pregnancy is a very amazing thing, which can reduce the problems of gynecology. For example, some uterine problems, ovarian problems, breast problems. For women, this is actually a difference between women from male physiological structure. And in this regardThe problems are related to women’s internal hormone levels. Therefore, after pregnancy, women’s body hormone levels have reached a state of best health, so these problems will be improved accordingly.

Pregnancy can delay menopause

Some women are unwilling to have children in order to keep their bodies and afraid of pregnancy. This idea is actually unscientific. How many eggs in women have a certain number of eggs in their lives.It means entering the elderly. During the pregnancy and breastfeeding period, due to the role of hormones, most female ovaries are suspended ovulation. This time can reduce the discharge of more than ten or twenty eggs.Postponed.

Therefore, women are also a critical period for women to self -regulate health during the golden period of pregnancy and postpartum recovery. At this stage, they can condition themselves through appropriate exercise and diet. And diet is also an important and healthiest to regulate physical health.The method, so women must not miss this best time.

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