Why can pregnant women who love to eat sweet women often live?

"10.4 sugar sieve check, is gestational diabetes!"IntersectionIntersection

When I saw the eye -catching number on the reporting form, I really couldn’t believe it, so high!Is it wrong?

I will never forget the words that the doctor said when the sugar screening during the pregnancy is 24 weeks of sugar screening!

Diabetes, I did n’t expect to spread to me before. My family did n’t have a history of diabetes. I was not fat. I was only 30 years old. I got the disease.

This is the hardest experience of my daughter. Every time I think about it, I remember the panic, fear, and my children’s future concerns at the time. What can I do? Can this disease be cured?

Talk about my experience of anti -sugar and give a little encouragement and courage to the same experience.

1. First hearing gestational diabetes

I have a sugar screening test at 24 weeks of pregnancy.Early in the morning, my lover and the hospital I went, took blood from the fingers on an empty stomach, drank 50g of glucose, and took blood to take blood one hour later. At 4 pm, the hospital results.

At that time, the lover was busy at work, and did not accompany him. I went to the hospital to get the result.

When I saw the eye -catching number on the report, I was covered!

I gave the result to the doctor. She saw that my face was wrong. I comforted me and said, "As long as the gestational diabetes is controlled during pregnancy, the postpartum pay attention is cured. Many mother -in -law’s postpartum blood sugar returns to normal."

In order to further confirm the situation, the doctor asked me to do a sugar resistance for another 4 days. Take blood from the vein, and measure the blood sugar at each time period to see the specific situation of blood sugar.

I do n’t know how to go back to work. At the moment when I saw my lover, I broke out for an afternoon: “The sugar sieve has n’t been. The doctor said that it’ s gestational diabetes.As I said, I cried.

The lover was also very surprised. He comforted me: "Maybe you can eat more sweets before (I eat melon, sweet peach every day, and eat a lot of fruits every day), wait for a accurate inspection before seeing it.

Besides, now that medicine is so developed, we are still young and we must be cured. "

Maybe it was my lover comforting me, and slowly I calmed down.

Lover checked the cause of gestational diabetes on the Internet, and called and asked the old Chinese medicine father and the brother of being a doctor.

Gestation diabetes is due to the secretion of progesterone during pregnancy. Magne ketone inhibits insulin secretion. The insulin is less and the ability of metabolites to metabolites is slow, so the blood sugar value of the body will be high.

Generally, suengatone is no longer secreted, insulin will slowly recover, and blood glucose will slowly fall, but you should also pay attention to control.Because, the risk of diabetes is higher.

Four days later, I did a sugar tolerance check.Pump blood on an empty stomach, drink 80g of sugar, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours of blood testing.

Test results: My an empty stomach blood glucose 4.3 is normal, 1 hour, 10.2, 2 hours 9, all exceed the standard value. It is normal for 3 hours. The ultimate diagnosis of sugar tolerance is damaged.

In order to ensure the health of my child, the doctor suggested that I have to play insulin, diet control and motion conditioning during pregnancy. It is also my sugar -resistant career during the 5 months of pregnancy.

2. 3 pins per day, diet control and a lot of exercise

After understanding gestational diabetes and determining the treatment plan, I was not so scared, just as my lover said: Since this disease is obtained, we will face it normally, actively treat, do not frowning, do not feel good, I will not feel good, and I will be in a bad mood.Affect the child in the stomach.

According to the doctor’s suggestion, I bought the blood glucose meter to monitor blood sugar at home.

Inticatin was taken half an hour before a meal. At that time, the meat on the thighs and waist was hit, the flesh was lifted on the right hand, the left hand pressed the needle, the left side was full of the needle eyes, and the needle eye on the left was recovered and then continued …

In this way, one needle a day before dinner, from 24 weeks, I hit my daughter to be born.

In addition to playing insulin, gestational diabetes is important for diet control and exercise.Summarize the doctor’s sentence: eat less meals, hold your mouth, open your legs.

Doctors suggest that I do n’t eat sweet fruits: do n’t touch fruits with high sugar lift indexes such as grapes and bananas. You can usually eat cucumber and tomatoes. Apple can only eat a small girl at a time.

Do not eat pasta and porridge.The staple food should be eaten as two meters of rice. One meal is controlled in two or two, that is, the small bowl of our family, a small bowl.A small bun is equivalent to 50g of sugar, and the sugar lift index of porridge is also particularly high. The doctor specifically instructed not to eat pasta, don’t drink porridge, and change the soup.

Other aspects, the meat, fish, eggs, milk, soy products and vegetables are normal intake.Try to eat beef and mutton as much as possible, and the nutrition is higher.The starch content of potatoes is high, and the sugar lift is relatively fast. Eat less at a time. The vegetables are mainly green vegetables, and fried foods are almost not eaten.

In addition, it is supplemented by sports control.

I have high blood glucose 1 hour to 2 hours after a meal, so I take a walk for half an hour to 1 hour after meals.

At that time, I did experiments. The blood glucose of exercise could be reduced by about 2 hours, so after meals, it was very good to fight sugar.

And often active, good weight control during pregnancy is very good.I had 16 catties of pregnancy throughout my pregnancy, and my daughter was 6 catties and 6 pounds when I was born. Remove the amniotic fluid and placenta. I had about 5 pounds. My body was light, no stretch marks, and I recovered after giving birth.

Safety during pregnancy is naturally first, don’t be too fast, too fierce, and not too exciting.In order to be safe and smooth, I also set up a G movement on my mobile phone. In the middle of the pregnancy, I followed the Kagel movement with it to enhance the pelvic floor muscle strength. It can accelerate the second output process and prevent side cutting and leakage of urine.

Third, postpartum blood glucose control

The next day I produced blood glucose in the hospital, and it was 8.9 two hours after a meal. The doctor said that the recovery of blood sugar requires a process. At this time, you can monitor blood sugar, diet control and exercise at home without insulin.

One year after giving birth, I still control my diet. I do n’t eat pasta. The staple food is still miscellaneous grains rice, miscellaneous grain buns, miscellaneous pancakes, rice porridge do not drink, and sweet fruits do not eat.

After about half a year, the blood glucose dropped, exercised after meals for half an hour to an hour, and the blood sugar was 6 hours after delivery to 6, which slowly returned to normal.

This is my experience of anti -candy during pregnancy and postpartum. Now I also pay attention to diet, control the amount of staple food, and eat less fruits at a time.

4. Finally, let’s talk about the impact of gestational diabetes on children

Gestational diabetes, high blood glucose, and children are prone to hypoxia later.My daughter was obviously reduced in the late pregnancy, so we must observe the child’s fetal movement at any time.Excessive or too little fetal movement, even if you go to the hospital for examination.

At the same time, gestational diabetes is a high -risk maternal, and it must be checked according to regulations.In the later period, the doctor suggested that I take oxygen.

In the end, after the child was born, he was afraid of leaving the mother’s hypoglycemia. The doctor suggested to give the baby some glucose water.

Throughout pregnancy, I stumbled to the ground. Fortunately, my daughter was very healthy, and the weight, intelligence, and actions were developed well. This is what I was most pleased.

Now I think about the anti -sugar experience during pregnancy. In fact, as long as we follow the doctor’s advice and strictly control the diet, exercise for more than an hour after the meal, maintain a good mood, have nothing to defeat, gestational diabetes, there is no terrible imagination!

Therefore, if you are also experiencing gestational diabetes at this moment, relaxing your mood, and following your doctor’s advice, adults and children will definitely be fine.

I can, you must, you can, come on!

This is my anti -sugar experience, I hope to help you!

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