Why can’t you get angry?Because the consequences you may not afford

Women during pregnancy are always easy to get out of control. They are easy to quarrel with their husbands, family members, and even strangers. After the quarrel, they often regret it. They feel wrong, and they are worried that they will affect the baby in the fetus and fall into a bad emotional cycle.

Why do you love angry?

First of all, after pregnancy, the hormone level of the pregnant mother’s body is obvious, which will directly affect the changes in neurotrophic transmission of emotional regulating emotions in the brain, leading to the ups and downs of emotions, and often inexplicably want to "find faults" to get angry. If anyone hit this muzzle,It is even a touch.

In addition, there are many things to worry about after pregnancy, especially for pregnant mothers who are easy to anxious.Such as: Is the fetal bed stabilized in the early pregnancy?Pregnancy is so uncomfortable, when can it improve?In the second trimester, you should worry about whether the baby will have a problem with each birth check. Is your blood pressure and blood sugar normal?In the third trimester, you must be afraid of the baby’s premature birth.Long -term negative energy gathering is also easy to dispute with others.

Why can’t you get angry?

During pregnancy, Baoma’s anger is not only unfavorable to her heart and body, but also harmful to the baby’s development. The consequences are really unbearable!

Let’s take a look at the impact on the pregnant woman itself:

Continuous negative emotions can produce stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, which may adversely affect the cardiovascular system and immune system, and increase risk of hypertension, diabetes, and immune diseases.

In addition, interfere with normal life.Angry and stress may affect the management of sleep quality, appetite and normal life, which is not good for pregnant women’s health and pleasant experience during pregnancy.

Let’s take a look at the impact on the health of the baby:

The emotional state of pregnant women can affect the fetus through hormone and nerve transmission. Long -term or fierce emotional response may be associated with premature birth, low birth weight, and behavioral problems.There are:

1. In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetal lip Hubei began to develop. The unstable mood of pregnant mothers can lead to endocrine disorders and easily form rabbit lips.

2. In the early stages of pregnancy, if pregnant women have negative emotions, they will cause more fetal movements. The fetal movement is too fast, which can easily cause the fetal fetal heart rate to be too fast.

3. Affects fetal brain development and normal growth and development.

4. As a result, the fetus’s absorption of nutrients becomes poor and emotional after birth has deteriorated.

Although we will all encounter things that make us unhappy, trying to keep peace and calmness can better cope with stress.This is beneficial to the health of pregnant women and babies.

In addition to Bao Mom, you should pay attention, and the prospective dad should pay more attention!

So, what should I do as a prospective father?

1. Give care and understanding: Respect the feelings and needs of pregnant women, listen to her voice, and give her care and support.The mood of pregnant women may not be commonplace. Don’t care about it, don’t try to make sense, just follow the expectant mother.

2. Participate in pregnancy: Actively participate in pregnancy activities, such as accompanying pregnant women to go to the birth checkup, buying baby supplies, etc., which can increase the sense of intimacy and the joy of common expectations.

3. Participate with pregnant women to participate in pregnancy activities: Participate in some healthy activities with pregnant women, such as walking, pregnant women yoga, etc., strengthen physical and mental exercise and relaxation.

4. Share the burden of housework: try to share the housework of pregnant women, such as cooking and housework, to give her more rest time.

5. Plan the future with pregnant women: plan the future with pregnant women, discuss topics about childcare, family, etc., and increase the interaction and close sense of each other.

Remember, everyone has different preferences and needs, try to understand the personality and preferences of pregnant women, and make more intimate care and arrangements according to the actual situation.

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