Why did Jia Baoyu and Hua Zaoren have not been pregnant for many years?You see what Jia Baoyu did to her

The flowers were warming up, and the sound of the sound of the trees was happy.

I believe that many people and the author generally know that this poem is from the book "Dream of Red Mansions".

When Jia Baoyu was shouted by Jia Zheng to train, because Jia Baoyu mentioned the attack, he asked his name, and then the phrase in Lu You’s "Village Book Hi" appeared.Although the whole poem does not necessarily remember, "the flowers are warming the day warm", but you can no longer forget it.

As the poem says on this poem, everything will make people feel at ease.It is precisely that, Cao Gong will be on the girl like "Xian".

In Jiafu, the attacker is one of the four big girls; in Yihongyuan, the attacker is the most reliable person in Jia Baoyu.The attacking people and Jia Baoyu all have no connection.

However, anyone who likes to play with Jia Baoyu who likes to play with her daughter’s house cannot escape the discussion of the relationship between men and women: Bao Daiyu’s love line, Xiangyun as the second candidate of Jia’s mother, Miao Yu’s unusual to Jia BaoyuLove and the attitude of each girl in Yihong Courtyard to him …

As a girl who served Jia Baoyu, she could not avoid this discussion, not to mention that the attack was the first person to have a relationship with Jia Baoyu in the book.

The attacker was the daughter of the Hua family. When he was very young, he was sold to Jiafu because of his poor family.At first, the attacker was serving by Jia’s mother. After Xiang Yun came to Jiafu, he was sent to take care of Xiangyun.Later, Xiang Yun was taken back to the historian, and the attacker was given Jia Baoyu by Jia mother because of her pure heart.

It is gentle and soft, and has the temperament of Guimu Lan. In addition, the attack is two years older than Baoyu, and Jia Baoyu relies on the attacker.

This is exactly the case. When Jia Baoyu’s dream tour is too illusory, he will tell the story in the dream:

The attacker also asked with a shame: "What stories do you dream of? Are the dirty things flowing there?" Baoyu said: "It is difficult to say." Then, he talked about the things in the dream and the attack.Then he said that he was granted by the police in the police fantasy, and he smiled ashamed.

As far as Jia Baoyu is concerned, the attack is not just a girl -in -law who takes care of her, but also the general existence of her sister.Her character will not only make herself embarrassed, but also allows herself to pour this thing.

However, after spitting, the relationship between the two quickly changed:

Baoyu Yisu was happy and tender and beautiful, and then attacked the Yunyu of the leader’s fantasy.She knew that Mother Jia had already brought herself with Baoyu. This is the case today, and she is not more courteous. Then she tested it with Baoyu.

It can be said that the attacker was the first person to have a relationship with Jia Baoyu. After that, Jia Baoyu’s attitude towards her was very different.From the thirty -two round, we can also know that the attack and Jia Baoyu’s "stealing" is not only once.

At that time, because Qingwen accidentally fell the fan, Jia Baoyu scolded her a few words, and the two argued.When the attack came to persuade, Qingwen said such a sentence:

"I don’t know who you are, don’t be embarrassed for you! It is the thing you ghosts sneaky, and you can’t hide it. Wherever you go, you will call‘ we ’.”

It can be seen that the attack and Jia Baoyu are not two or twice, otherwise, according to the situation of Qingwen’s sleep, they will not know the relationship between the two.But it is confusing that since Qin Keqing’s room was in the first test of the clouds, the attack and Jia Baoyu "sneaked" for many years. Why wasn’t she pregnant?

See what Jia Baoyu did to the attack, and we could spy it out.

Jia Baoyu’s dependence on the attacker was obvious to all, and he was quite unaccustomed when he returned to his mother’s house.But he is not a love attack, but more because of dependence and like many women.

But this kind of like is not profound, and the class gap between him and the attacking people does not have it.Shortly before the quarrel between Jia Baoyu and Qingwen, the attacker was beaten by Jia Baoyu’s heart.

At that time, Jia Baoyu rushed back to Yihongyuan, but the girls in the courtyard did not open the door in time.After hearing the sound of knocking on the door, he opened the door and opened the door while joking:

When I saw it, I was busy, and it was ridiculous. I opened the door and smiled and slapped my hand: "What are you running in such a heavy rain? Where do you know that the grandfather is back."

This was just an ordinary door, but I immediately got a nest:

Baoyu was not angry in his belly. He had to kick the door and open the door in his heart. He didn’t look at who was, and he was just a little girl, and he kicked his legs on the ribs.The attacking "嗳" sounded.Baoyu also scolded: "The bottom things are! I have been to treat you all the time, and I am not afraid at all.

He wrote later that Jia Baoyu was anxious, so he attacked without difference, and then found that he had kicked the wrong person.But if you think about it carefully, you find that there are a lot of information.

First of all, the attack was already talking before opening the door, and after opening the door, he bent over to laugh at Jia Baoyu.In Yihong Courtyard, in addition to Qingwen who can treat Jia Baoyu in this way, it is also a close relationship with him.What’s more, the sound of attacking is one of the most sound he listened, but any sense of reason will not hear the sound of the attack.

It can be seen that when Jia Baoyu was locked out of the door, all the girls in Yihongyuan were annoyed, and the attack was no exception.Therefore, he will be angry at the object.

Even if the small thing is opened, it is generally impossible to do the attack, but the two sentences failed to call back his reason, which proves that Jia Baoyu was affectionate to the attack, but it was not love.

Although in addition to Lin Daiyu, Jia Baoyu also said to be a monk for the attacker, in fact, this is more because the virtuousness of the attacker makes him unable to get rid of the dependence.

In this little thing alone, we can also know why the attack is not pregnant.Rather than say no, it is better not to dare.Baoyu likes her and relies on her, but she is not unique and irreplaceable.

In addition, Jia Baoyu was a young master who was accustomed to raising, and he was not very responsible on weekdays.There are no names to get pregnant. Even if everyone in the government usually calls her a girl, she has just become a joke in people’s eyes since then.

Baoyu’s heart made us see his emotions against the attack, and the attack and Jia Baoyu had been with Jia Baoyu for a long time. How could he not know Jia Baoyu’s emotions and people?Therefore, Jia Baoyu’s affection for the attacker has made the attack on the attack even if the two have "sneaked" for many years.

Many people speculate that Jia Baoyu secretly gave the attackers and medicines such as conspiracy, but in fact, he couldn’t stand at all.The main reason is that Jia Baoyu is different from her, but it is not special enough.

As one of the representatives of the feudal guardian priests, the relationship with Jia Baoyu is to fight for a name for himself, rather than violating the feudal morality.Instead, all the bamboo baskets that you can work hard will be empty.

Therefore, instead of being pregnant, it is better not to say that pregnancy cannot appear on the attack.

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