Why do people have a spring dream?Is it because of "good color"?It has to be related to 3 reasons, don’t be ashamed to understand

So far, the mechanism and role of dreams are not very clear. Almost everyone will dream. It usually thinks that dreams are part of normal healthy sleep, which can help emotional regulation and promote memory.Quite a few people can have a dream of spring, and they are often difficult to open up because of this. What is going on?

1. Physiological activities or psychological activities

Almost everyone will dream, which is the most common physiological phenomenon.Usually, a person can dream several every day, and dreams often occur in the rapid eye movement sleep cycle.If you suddenly wake up at this stage, you can clearly remember the dream you have, and you can’t remember the dreams of other times.

Dreams are equivalent to a person’s subconscious. The subconscious is projected by the brain and shows through the dream. It is generally closely related to thinking, the things they are in contact with.The 3/4 area in the brain is a potential activity. It has huge potential and can even complete unimaginable information processing.

When people dream, the messy information in the brain will be re -arranged and presented in a dream way.Doing Chunmeng is related to physiological and psychological factors. For example: Seeing the people you like during the day, because of the stimulation of a certain factors, there is a desire for life, having a strong psychological desire, and strong psychological desires.The physiological reaction makes people have a dream of spring.

2. It is related to hormones

Usually, it is easy to have a spring dream during adolescence, which is closely related to the impulse in some areas.Because some desires have been suppressed, it will vent through the way of dreams. This is a manifestation of physiological and psychological development.At this stage, estrogen or male hormone secretion is strong, and the second sexual characteristics are gradually developing, which can produce a strong impulse.

Most teenagers are very curious about some knowledge. In the subconscious, the content related to these knowledge. For example, the first dream of men occurred in adolescence, which is the manifestation of spring dreams.The same is true of women. The volatility of estrogen in the body is large, and it is more eager for this, so it is easy to have a spring dream.

1. Hypoglycemia

Patients with diabetes are prone to hypoglycemia at night, especially from 1:00 to 3:00 in the morning. In the middle of the night, they often wake up because of a nightmare, and at the same time, they have involuntarily trembling, panic, and sweating.

2. Insufficient sleep

Insufficient sleep can affect the dream, especially when deep sleep, and it is easy to have nightmares after entering the sleep state again.Making nightmares can affect sleep and eventually enter the vicious circle.

3. Migraine

Studies have shown that migraine can make nightmares, especially the nightmare of anger and aggressiveness.

4. Heart disease

Frequent nightmares can increase the chance of suffering from hypertension, heart disease and acute myocardial infarction.If patients with hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and cardiovascular disease always have nightmares, it is likely that the disease worsen.

5. Sleep respiratory suspension

During the sleeping process, breathing is suspended, reducing the oxygen content in the blood, leading to hypoxia in the brain cells, prone to headache and chest tightness, causing nightmares.

6. Too anxious

The stress of work and life makes the spirit highly tight; the death and stimulus of the parents can easily produce anxiety and depression, which will make people have nightmares.

In general, Chunmeng is a normal physiological phenomenon, not unsatisfactory, and has no harm to the body, without excessive worry and anxiety.Usually avoid novels or movies related to bad knowledge, and cultivate more hobbies to divert attention.

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