Why do pregnant women eat folic acid, when will it be most effective?Taking a article about folic acid!

Pregnancy is a great surprise for each couple and their families. This is both the crystallization of love and an important matter of the family heaching. Therefore, the family will give pregnant women a lot during this period.For pregnant women, the early stages of pregnancy, that is, the first three months of pregnancy, is more critical. At this time, the embryo is not stable. If you do n’t pay more attention, it is easy to have accidents.

1. Adjust the diet structure

1. Supplement folic acid.Folic acid is an important nutrients to prevent fetal nerve organs defects. The first month after pregnancy is an important period for neurotomy development. Therefore, pregnant mothers should eat more grain foods such as rice, noodles, whole wheat bread, etc., and vegetables, and vegetables, Bean and apples, oranges, oranges and other fruits. In addition, oral folic acid tablets are also necessary. Folic acid tablets should be taken three months before and after three months of pregnancy.

2. Supplement vitamin B6 and vitamin C.Most pregnant women will have different degrees of nausea and vomiting and gum bleeding from the first month of pregnancy. During this period, pregnant women should be supplemented with foods rich in VC and VB6.Fruits and vegetables such as apples.In addition, these foods should not be cooked for too long to prevent the loss of VC.For pregnant women with severe vomiting, eating solid or liquid maltose daily can effectively inhibit vomiting during pregnancy. Foods rich in VB6 include potatoes, beans, peanuts, carrots, spinach, etc.

3. Supplement vitamin A and magnesium.This period is a critical period for fetal bones and muscle growth. At this time, the intake of a sufficient amount of magnesium in pregnant women is directly related to the weight, height and head circumference of the newborn.Because the fetus does not have the ability to store VA in the first three months of pregnancy, the pregnant mother must have enough VA to supply the fetus.

2. Control your weight

The growth and development of the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy are slow, so there is no need to be too much nutrients. During this period, pregnant mothers do not need to eat too much, because eating more blindly will cause the weight to soar.High diseases and other diseases, and obesity will adversely affect the fetus.

Third, don’t blindly supplement nutrition

Most people think that during pregnancy, especially during pregnancy, a variety of nutrients need to be supplemented, so they will eat a large amount of supplements outside the normal diet.In fact, many nourishing products have no actual effect on pregnant women, and even have an adverse effect on pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, it is particularly critical to replenish nutrients in science in the first three months of pregnancy.

Fourth, do a good job of anemia

It is relatively prone to anemia in the first three months of pregnancy. Anemia during pregnancy is extremely unfavorable to pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, pay attention to the occurrence of anemia in the early pregnancy. At this stage, eat more fish, meat, and animal liver blood supplements.Essence

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