Why do pregnant women urinate frequently and frequent urination during pregnancy?

"Since I am pregnant, I often urinate frequently …"

"Yes, yes, I don’t usually drink a lot of water, I always want to run the toilet!

Every time I go to the toilet, there is no result, often having oolong."

Many pregnant mothers will have obvious physical reactions during pregnancy, such as some pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy will nausea and vomit, frequent urination.

Why does pregnant women urinate frequently

Frequent urination during pregnancy is a common phenomenon during pregnancy.It is mainly caused by increasing uterine compression of the bladder.With the increase of the gestational week, the symptoms will gradually alleviate after the uterus highlights the pelvic cavity.

As the fetus grows grows, it will compress the bladder of pregnant women, causing the illusion of frequent urination.In order to avoid such situations, some pregnant women will consciously choose to reduce drinking water.

Notice!This approach is not advisable!The main ingredient of the human body is water, and water is very important for the metabolism of the human body.

If a person is not sufficient for a long time, the body may be dehydrated.Especially during the special period of pregnancy.If the fetus is insufficient in the uterus in the uterus in the early pregnancy, too little amniotic fluid will cause the fetal membrane to adhesive, the developmental deformity, and even the short limbs.

What should I do if I do frequently during pregnancy

Because progesterone can cause pelvic congestion and increase the pressure of the bladder tolerance, especially in early pregnancy, urination is prone to frequent frequent. This is normal. You don’t have to worry too much.Properly relieve through the following methods:

1. Adjust drinking time

Make sure water intake during the day and control salt.In order to avoid getting up to the toilet frequently at night, the frequency of drinking water is appropriately reduced from the evening.

Remember!Do not deliberately reduce the amount of water drinking because of fear of frequent urination, which may cause the body to be short of water and affect the development of the fetus.

2. Eat less diuretic food at night

For example, watermelon, winter melon, kelp, corn beard, Poria, etc.

3. Per urine in time, don’t urinate.

If the urination time is too long, it will affect the function of the bladder, and it can not even urinate by itself, causing urinary retention.In addition, when urinating, the body is leaning forward, which will promote helping pregnant mothers to completely empty the bladder.

4. Pay attention to the side lying position to avoid supine position

Sideline can reduce the compression of the uterus to the ureter, and prevent infection due to pelvis and ureteral accumulation of urine.

Pregnant mothers who cause urinary incontinence due to frequent urination can try to use pads to avoid leakage and other conditions.Pay attention to replace the pads frequently to keep the vulva dry and breathable.

If you have frequent urination with urgency and urinary pain, you need to see if there is urethritis, you can go to the hospital first and check it out.Usually pay attention to drink plenty of water, increase the amount of urination, and pay attention to personal hygiene.It’s not easy to get pregnant, pregnant mothers have worked hard!

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