Why do women fart more after pregnancy?How to relieve fart after pregnancy?

Many pregnant women have more fart after pregnancy, and many pregnant women feel embarrassed.And some pregnant women are starting to worry about whether there is a problem with their bodies.In fact, pregnant women love to fart, just a normal physiological phenomenon in the process of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much.So why do women fart more after pregnancy?Does the pregnant woman love fart, will it affect the fetus?So how can we effectively alleviate the problem of pregnant women?

Why do women always love farting after pregnancy?

After women are pregnant, due to some changes in women’s bodies, they may cause women to vomit, nausea, and loss of appetite. This is because the progesterone content in pregnant women changes. Under the action of progesterone, it will then cause causeThe gastrointestinal motility of pregnant women becomes weakened, gastric acid secretion decreases, and the uterus gradually increases, and the old gastrointestinal is compressed, which hinders the digestive function of the stomach, which will cause pregnant women to often fart.

How can I relieve farting after pregnancy?

In fact, if pregnant women fart a lot, it is also a problem of indigestion. Generally speaking, no drug treatment is required. As long as you adjust your diet, you can improve.For example, eat more light and easy -to -digest foods during pregnancy, and eat less foods that can easily cause pregnant women to vomit.Pregnant women want to adjust their eating habits, eat less and eat more, do not have to eat too much every time, but eat when they feel hungry.

And during pregnancy, you should also eat more fresh fruits and fruits, which can be effectively appetizing and effectively prevent. Pregnant women have problems such as poor gastrointestinal tract, stools, and constipation.Pregnant women’s farting generally appears at the stage of the second trimester. As long as they adjust their diet reasonably, they can be effectively relieved.

Is the pregnant woman often fart, and does it affect the body and the fetus?

Many pregnant women feel that farting in front of people is embarrassing, so there will be a problem of fart.In fact, pregnant women should be released, don’t stand it.Because farting can cause these wastes to stay in the body for too long, and then the gas will continue to accumulate in our gastrointestinal, resulting in the breeding of germs, which may cause constipation problems in pregnant women, and even symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea directly.

In addition, these stubborn gas can be absorbed by the intestinal wall, entering our college, increasing the burden of detoxification of our liver, and indirectly may affect the development of the abdomen.Therefore, for their own health and the healthy development of the fetus, pregnant women should try not to have a problem.

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