Why do women have dysmenorrhea?How to regulate dysmenorrhea?Do these 5?

Dysmenorrhea is a particularly unbearable thing for women.Women with dysmenorrhea are a torture for her every time menstruation.This pain is as difficult as the knife is stirred in the abdomen.If you want to stay away from dysmenorrhea, then the article below must be well read.

1. Do not eat cold and cold foods, usually avoid the body’s cold

Note that keeping warm is necessary for people who dysmenorrhea, and at the same time, they must also contact the cold and humid environment.In terms of diet, cold and cold foods must be eaten less.So, what foods have the characteristics of cold and cold?Such as cold drinks, watermelons, winter melon, etc.In terms of Chinese medicine, most of the vegetables and fruits in summer are cold attributes. Most of the fruits and fruits in winter are warm attributes.If women usually eat a lot of cold foods, they can eat light and bloody foods such as loofah and cabbage.

2. Do not use the birth ring

The uterine -saving rings and other uterine -cavities have a greater harm to the body. It stimulates women’s uterine endometrium, which causes a large amount of prostaglandin to secrete it, which leads to female dysmenorrhea.For women who have signs of dysmenorrhea, it will cause their dysmenorrhea to "worsen the snow".Therefore, women who have married but have no pregnancy plan in the short term can allow men to wear contraceptives to contraception, thereby avoiding taking medicine and use of childbearing rings.

3. Don’t eat spicy

Although foods such as peppers have the function of Wenyang San Cold, eating during menstruation can cause increased bleeding during menstruation in women.So during menstruation, including a few days before and after menstruation, try to eat less spicy food.

4. Don’t overwork

During menstruation, excessive fatigue is also a major cause of female dysmenorrhea.Women during menstruation are weak. Therefore, if excessive fatigue will cause blood circulation in women to accelerate, thereby increased blood flow.Therefore, women who have no dysmenorrhea may have dysmenorrhea if they are overworked during menstrual periods.

5. Do not produce negative emotions such as anxiety

Negative emotions such as anxiety can cause women to strengthen uterine muscle contraction during menstrual period, which leads to dysmenorrhea.Women with dysmenorrhea will be nervous before each meridian, which will cause their emotions to fluctuate sharply.This is not desirable. During the menstrual period, we must maintain an optimistic attitude and pay attention to rest. This is a better way to deal with dysmenorrhea.

All in all, the above are the five major methods for women to prevent dysmenorrhea.In fact, dysmenorrhea can be conditioned by traditional Chinese medicine.The prescriptions can usually be selected from Erxiang drinks and quartz soup.The specific addition and subtraction and the prescription must go to a regular hospital to find a Chinese medicine doctor.


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