Why do women have leucorrhea?What are the special effects of women’s leucorrhea?

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Under normal circumstances, women’s lower body will have white secretions, which is what we often call leucorrhea.

Part of it is the mucus flowing from the cervix. This mucus is to prevent the bacteria outside from entering a defensive line in the uterus and can effectively prevent inflammation such as pelvic disease.

In addition, there are some cells that fall off from the vagina. These cells will be updated every day, so there are some falling off every day.

So the mucus and the mucus that flowed out of the cervix gathered together to form leucorrhea.This is a normal physiological phenomenon for women.

It is generally affected by age, hormone, lifestyle, and psychology, which is of great significance for women’s physical health.

Usually healthy leucorrhea is milky white, and tofu dregs into yellow leucorrhea, accompanied by a odor that means the occurrence of inflammation, you need to seek medical treatment in time.So, what is the effect of women’s leucorrhea?

The formation of leucorrhea is closely related to the estrogen secreted by the human body, so the girls before adolescence have no leucorrhea because they have not fully developed their bodies.Only women who come by adolescence will have leucorrhea.

The leucorrhea can be said to be a natural protection barrier in women’s vagina. The vaginal flora balance will form in the leucorrhea, which can effectively resist the invasion of the pathogen outside and effectively prevent women from infection with various germs.

Under normal circumstances, women have more leucorrhea during ovulation per month.

At this time, the male small tadpoles will smoothly swim in the women’s uterus along the leucorrhea and combine it with the excreted eggs to achieve conception, so it has a good pregnancy to help.

The leucorrhea can be said to be a natural lubricant in the vagina in intercourse. Its production can effectively reduce the friction of the vagina front and rear walls, play a good protective effect on the vagina, and avoid damage.

As long as there is a leucorrhea in the same room, it will not feel pain.

Lands can be said to be a barometer that can predict women’s health.Women can detect various gynecological diseases through the change of leucorrhea.

It can generally be discovered by observing the color, smell, and shape of leucorrhea.Normal leucorrhea is milky white, and it will appear as thin as a paste, or egg white, generally there is no odor.

If there are other symptoms, you should be alert to the occurrence of gynecological inflammation.

For women, the health of leucorrhea is inseparable from the health of women.Therefore, women must do a good job of cleaning and regular examination of gynecological diseases.In order to discover the disease in time.

Then, when leucorrhea increases, the following daily care is usually done.

1. Put less tight pants

Many girls often wear tight jeans or yoga in order to appear thin their legs.

Especially when we wear more clothes in winter, if you want to make your legs look thin, you will choose to wear pants with velvet.

The parts of the crotch are usually shorter, close to our lower body, and the vaginal part of the woman itself is relatively short, and it is very close to the anus, so it is likely to be infected with E. coli.

In addition, there will be secretions on the underwear, such as bacteria, and urine to close the perineal. In this environment, the bacterial reproduction will provide a very good opportunity.So women usually wear loose cotton pants or skirts.

2. Use less pads

Many times after the holiday is coming, there will be a small amount of menstrual blood or secretions. At this time, many girls will choose to use pads for another day or two.

Some girls often feel that the secretions below are dirty, and they like to pad the pads for a long time. They feel that this will be cleaner, but this approach is generally wrong.

Because the pads are used, it will breed a lot of bacteria for a long time, and long -term friction will also cause local damage to the skin, which will cause folliculitis in the vulva.Change the underwear.

3. Use less paper towels with fragrance

Usually, after a small solution, it will habitually draw one or two paper towels to wipe a small solution. For physical health, be sure to use colorless toilet paper to avoid using fragrant toilet paper.

4. Wear loose and breathable underwear

Women’s private parts also need to be breathable. If it is closed for a long time in an impermeable environment, bacteria will breed, leading to various gynecological diseases.Therefore, women usually choose cotton loose when choosing underwear.

Women’s leucorrhea is clinically as an indicator of women’s health and can be used to judge the standards of women’s gynecological diseases.

It is not dirty, and it has a lot of use for women.So we need to pay attention to it like focusing on our health.

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