Why do women in the Tang Dynasty always say that they are pregnant in their dreams?

In the "Kaiyuan Tianbao Religion" written by Wang Renyu of the Five Dynasties, a story of a woman derailed but derailed, "Yang Guozhong made a envoy in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. His wife is deeply missing and becoming a disease., The post -born men’s names. When the Guozhong envoy returns, his wife is in the dream. Guozhong said: This Gai couple concept, emotional.

According to the "Book of the Old Tang Book · Yang Guozhong", Yang Guozhong’s wife Pei is a prostitute, which is very charming.Since she can fascinate Yang Guozhong, she can naturally be fascinated by other men.Yang Guozhong went out to work, Pei was lonely and unbearable, hooked up with others, and gave birth to a baby boy.It is said that Yang Guozhong should be unacceptable, but when he heard that his wife said that because he missed him too much, he gave birth to the children when he met himself, and he said that his husband and wife were too deeply affectionate.

Being able to forgive his wife to derail and accept the saying of "pregnancy in dreams". In addition to taking into account their reputation, it also shows that people’s thoughts are more open during the Tang Dynasty.Yang Guozhong’s private life is also erosive, and he is not so strict for his wife.

Of course, the "Kaiyuan Tianbao Religion" records the interesting things of Tang Xuanzong’s Kaiyuan and Tianbao years. There are a large part of the components of the fabrication, and the authenticity is not very high.But the "pregnancy" of the Tang Dynasty women appeared in a very serious legal literature.In the Dunhuang literature’s "Civilization Judgment Residual Volume", a story of "Women’s Dream" is recorded.

"Civilized Judgment Residual Volume" was a concentration of cases written by jurists in the early Tang Dynasty. Nineteen cases described in the book were all disciplinary cases at the time.These stories were later brought back to Japan by the Japanese messenger as their learning materials.

And "Pregnancy in Dream" tells such a story: "Women A Liu, who lost her husband early, begging for aspirations, and willing to be aunt. After a few years of death, she gave birth to a son.Pregnancy, Gusai nourished his grandson, and he didn’t worry about it. His brother would be a shame, and then he was private. He had paid money, and he was in the time. His sister was indeed.Auntie, go to gift when you go. "

A Liu’s husband died early in the story. After a few years at home, she gave birth to a baby boy.She claimed to meet with the dream of the dead husband, so she was pregnant.The mother -in -law accepted the grandson, but her husband’s brother was very shameful. He married A Liu to others, but he did not expect that A Liu was vowing to die. His brother had to replace it with his daughter.

This story was used in the annotation of the Japanese codes "The Care Order"."Pregnancy in dreams" is nonsense. If Yang Guozhong’s wife is denied by Yang Guozhong on the pretext of "pregnancy in dreams", then she can also be said to be pregnant before Yang Guozhong’s business trip.But A Liu is a widow, and she said that "pregnancy in dreams" can only be dyed with others.However, the folk customs of the Tang Dynasty were open. Even if there were women who stole their love and dyeing, as long as no one was reported, the government would not delve into it.

Of course, the Tang Dynasty also advocated that women had to defend their women.For a derailed woman, the defendant is generally sentenced to about one and a half years after the defendant is sent.As for the brutal criminal laws such as the "soaked pig cage" that future generations they hear, they did not gradually rise until the Song Dynasty.

The woman stole the love, in order to conceal the dismissal, relying on the dream.Dreaming is a matter of nature, no one can manage.What happened in the dream naturally could not be held accountable.

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