Why do you always love farting after pregnancy?It may be a signs of help from the body. Pregnant mothers need to pay attention!

During pregnancy is a very "wonderful" period, there are joy, sadness, and small embarrassment:

When you see the two poles on the pregnancy test stick, you will feel happy;

When you are tortured by this grinding little fairy, you will feel too painful;

When you often fart in front of your husband or in the public, you will feel embarrassed;

When you …

Pregnancy, this is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, but when you are always farting during pregnancy, and it is still stinky, this is very embarrassing!

Imagine that in a more closed space in the elevator, if you "bull" and "噗" is the stinky fart of the dead person, you must want to dig a hole to bury your head, and then read it again.The spell "I can’t see me, I can’t see me, I can’t see me"!

Xiaoyun knows that most pregnant mothers love fart during pregnancy because of the baby.how do I say this?Let’s take a look at the reason why pregnant moms always love farting after pregnancy!

1. Lutein is making monsters

What is lutein?Lutein is also known as progesterone, which is the main progesterone. It can provide support and guarantee for the early growth and development of fetal baby. It can also have a certain amount of hungry and calm effect on the pregnant mummy’s uterus, so as to achieve the effect of settlement!

However, there is another little known side of lutein.After pregnancy, a large amount of lutein secreted in pregnant moms will affect the intestinal peristalsis, causing the mummy to indigestion.Digestiveness is the reason why pregnant mummy loves to fart.

The old fart is already shameful, but it is still stinky. Is this what happened?Because pregnant mothers have poor digestion, cause constipation, and then toxins have a long back pressure time, so the fart placed by pregnant moms is often smelly.You can think about it, at the stage of constipation, not only the stinky stink, but the farts are stinky!

2. It’s all for the baby

After the middle and late pregnancy, the baby is growing rapidly, and at the same time, the uterus of pregnant mummy has also expanded, thereby compressing its own intestines, making it not easy to move, causing indigestion, so there is a lot of fart!

3. It’s all caused by mouth

If the pregnant mom is gone, if you eat too much something that is prone to bloating, it will also cause farting.Foods that are prone to flatulence are: sweet potatoes, onions, potatoes, corn, oats, and so on.Therefore, no matter how much the pregnant moms love to eat food, remember to take the right amount!

4. SOS signal sent by the body

If the number of farts is too frequent, pregnant moms should be alert to diseases such as gastritis, digestive ulcers, and gastrointestinal dynamic dysfunction.Do n’t care about pregnant mummy. This is the body issued a signaling signal SOS. The pregnant mother must go to the hospital in time to check it!

Although most of the old love is normal, although most of them are normal, it is really embarrassing. How to resolve this embarrassment?Pregnant mommy is best to start from two aspects, one is diet, and the other is exercise!

The first aspect: diet

1. Eat less meals and chew slowly

Pregnant moms take 6 to 8 meals a day to eat. Don’t eat too frequently, and don’t eat too much every meal. In addition, you should chew slowly, which is more conducive to the digestion of the stomach!

2. Semi -solid food is the first choice

Pregnant moms must not only eat liquid foods (such as milk, soy milk, fruit juice, etc.). In fact, this is not easy to digest for the stomach. It is recommended that you choose semi -solid foods, such as cheese, yogurt, millet porridge,,, mirald, millet porridge,,, mirald, millet porridge,,, porridge,,,, porridge,,,, porridge,,,, porridge,,,, porridge,,,, porridge,, porridge,,, porridge,,, porridge,, porridge,,,, porridge,, porridge,, porridge,,, porridge,, porridge,,, porridge,,, porridge,, porridge,,, porridge,, porridge,,,, porridge,, porridge,, porridge,,,Pumpkin porridge and so on.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less starchy food

Pregnant moms can eat more vegetables, fruits, supplement nutrition, and eat starch foods that are prone to flatulence, such as sweet potatoes and potatoes.

4. Try not to eat snacks 3 hours before going to bed

Pregnant mothers in food, try not to eat snacks 3 hours before going to bed, avoid increasing burden on the stomach, exacerbating gastrointestinal indigestion, which causes farts often.

5. Change from heavy taste to small freshness

Pregnant mommy is best to change the dietary habits of heavy salt, heavy oil, and heavy spicy before pregnancy. Choose light food, which can also reduce the burden on the intestinal tract and reduce the problem of farting!

Second aspect: exercise

6. Pregnant yoga, remember to persist!

If conditions permit, it is recommended to learn yoga for pregnant women!Doing yoga during pregnancy can not only adjust your mood, but also promote intestinal peristalsis and solve the problem of flatulence!

7. Take a walk after meals and call your husband to accompany!

Studies have shown that walking after meals can help defecation and exhaust!Therefore, after eating full dinner, it is not too tired to lie on the sofa. Ge You is lying on the sofa!If you do n’t have the motivation to go down the park to take a walk, then ask your husband to accompany you. I believe that under the supervision of love, you will take a good walk to make the intestine healthier!

Many pregnant moms often do not fart in order to avoid embarrassment in public, but Xiaoyun wants to remind you of pregnant moms, long -term fart can be bad for your body!Because the toxic gas is not released for a long time, it will increase the burden on your body, and it may also cause chronic poisoning of the body!If you do doing such a rude thing in the eyes of the public, Xiaoyun suggests that you will find a toilet nearby to solve the exhaust problem!

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