Why do you dream of dreaming during pregnancy?Does too much pregnant mothers affect the body?

Many moms will find that when they are pregnant, they have a high dream frequency during pregnancy, and there are all kinds of weird. Is there any special significance of these strange dreams?Is it good to dream too much?

1. Reasons for the formation of pregnant dreams

In fact, the reason why it is easy to dream after pregnancy is very simple, because after pregnancy, the hormone in the expectant mothers will change to a certain amount, which will affect the brain.Extending, then our dream time is naturally extended.In addition, mumans have a certain degree of anxiety during pregnancy, and it is easy to have nightmares in mental tight state.However, expectant mothers also responded that the number of spring dreams during pregnancy has also increased. In fact, it is also related to hormone secretion. This is normal and does not need to worry.

2. Is these dreams good or bad?

In fact, as long as these dreams do not affect your normal life, you can ignore it and relax.If you are troubled by Chunmeng, you can try to watch less soap operas, Korean dramas and the like.If there are too many nightmares to affect your mental condition, it is recommended that pregnant mothers adjust their mood in time and pay attention to relax. You can talk to your friends and family.So the quality of pregnant dreams depends entirely on its influence.

3. Is there any exact meaning of dreams?

China has always had the custom of interpreting dreams, and the older generations are also very believed. They often say that if they dream of what they dream, the corresponding pregnant mothers may be grandson or granddaughter. Is these words true and credible?

There is no scientific research that there is a direct connection between the fetal dream and the gender of the fetus. The pregnant mother’s memory of dreams is more profound. This is also caused by the changes in hormone changes before.Dream is a mapping of human subconsciousness. It can only represent the thoughts in their subconsciousness, and there is no predictive "function" in the future.

4. Some explanations of specific dreamland

The easiest thing to do during pregnancy is a nightmare. For example, you will dream of drowning and other scenes. In fact, this shows that your pregnancy is relatively stressful and anxious.Dreaming that it is difficult to give birth is also encountered by most moms, but this does not mean that you will experience dystocia in the future. In fact, this is just your concern in your subconscious.On the contrary, you will be easier to accept at the due date, because you have experienced it in your dreams, so after that, you will have a more calm and stable performance.

Therefore, the suggestions for mummy are that do not blindly pay attention to physical nutrition during pregnancy, but also pay attention to their psychological "nutrition" to avoid excessive anxiety and other discomfort caused.Try to see as little as possible during pregnancy, it is easy to cause a film and television drama that is more fluctuating. You can see some maternal and infant books. With rich parenting experience, the baby will be handy after birth, and the psychological burden will not be so heavy.It’s right.

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