Why do you have back pain during pregnancy?How should pregnant mothers prevent

Women’s pregnancy is definitely very, very hard. Many pregnant mothers find symptoms such as back pain after pregnancy. These symptoms will affect the body of the pregnant mother. So why do pregnant women back pain?

My wife, every time I was pregnant, my waist was very sore, and it was difficult to turn over. I had to rub her waist and back often to let her fall asleep slowly.

1. After pregnancy, hormone changes in the body to relax the pelvic ligament to meet the needs of the fetus and the needs of future delivery. In this way, the lumbar ligament and fascia will also relax, reduce elasticity, and cause lumps to cause back pain.

2. After pregnancy, the pace of women’s life changes, the body is prone to fatigue, and lacks physical exercise, and the muscle strength is insufficient, resulting in low back pain in pregnant women.

3. The fetus and the auxiliary placenta, amniotic fluid, etc. after pregnancy increase and increase the burden in front of the lumbar spine.In order to maintain a balance, the back muscles must be contracted vigorously when the pregnant woman stands, so that the pelvis is leaning forward, forming a unique backbone posture, the lumbar back muscles continue to shrink, and the rest cannot be relaxed.

4. Fetal development requires a large amount of nutrients such as calcium. If these nutrients are insufficient, it is easy to cause bone softening of pregnant women to soften calcium and desserture, which will also cause low back pain.

The practice of pre -pregnancy and pregnancy is very important. Many women who prepare for pregnancy only pay attention to rest, supplement nutrition, and how to choose suitable days to conceive. I do n’t know that a good constitution needs to exercise.The belly is getting bigger and bigger, the back of the waist is getting sore, and it is difficult to walk. It is even more difficult to hold back pain in the upper stairs. It is really hard to hold one hand with one hand.

Before pregnancy, began to do back muscles exercise to make the waist and back muscles healthier, elastic, powerful, and better support the entire rapidly gaining weight (fetus).

If there are women who have lumbar disc herniation or swelling before pregnancy, under the increasing burden on the waist, the waist and leg pain are significantly worse, or there are no symptoms. LaterAfter giving birth to a child, it relieved, but there were still symptoms of repeated waist and leg pain and numbness.The pain in the waist during pregnancy is related to the increase in the increase of the waist and belt to cause the waist and back muscle fatigue

Specific mothers need to adjust their sleeping positions, standing positions, relaxing muscles, and relieving pain.

When standing: lift your chest with your chest, lean your abdomen slightly, your hips are slightly moved forward, and your legs are slightly curved.It can relax the muscles on the back and relieve pain.

When going to bed: It is recommended to lie on the side and the pain of the back of the back and the pain on the back of the back.When lying on the side, bend one leg and put your knees on a pregnant woman’s pillow.Do not sleep too softly, too soft to cause the waist to sink, cause or aggravate low back pain.

Sit position: The back and shoulders are straight when sitting.Sit your hips against the back of the chair. Try to divide your weight on both sides of your hips by relying on your back. Do not cross your legs and place your feet flat on the ground.Especially those mothers who have been sitting in the office for a long time should pay more attention to their sitting positions.

Rush a comfortable hot bath, soothe the tight muscles with hot water, and relax all your heart, but be careful not to rush for too long. The water vapor and a closed space can easily cause the prospective mother to be dizzy and hypoxic.

As a pregnant woman, pay attention to their own diet and schedule. As the fetus gradually grows weight, long -term walking and standing will only increase the burden on the lumbar spine, which is easy to get back pain, so you must take a good rest.

You can eat some foods rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin D.

There are other reasons for recurrent back pain after giving birth, but the waist burden during pregnancy is too heavy must be a big factor!The problems of arthritis or other chronic injuries can also be significantly worsen due to high weight during pregnancy, such as knee joint half -moon plate damage, or early osteoarthritis.Therefore, the protection of joints is also very important.A good constitution has a great role in new life, and can be partially inherited.Back pain to be sore is to solve the husband and wife together. Sometimes, giving her husband to massage her wife and massage her back, which can greatly alleviate her hard work and comfort her mind.

I wish the great pregnant mothers, good health, a healthy baby

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