Why does "brown secretion" appear after menstruation?If you have it too, don’t ignore

Xiao Li is 25 years old. After graduating, he enters a local private company to work. Due to young and beautiful and work efforts, Xiao Li is very popular in the unit, especially by many boys. In this way, Xiao Li quickly found Ruyi.Boyfriend.

When Xiao Li worked in love, it was difficult to make people open.Three months ago, Xiao Li found that brown discharge appeared after menstruation, and there was a sour taste. This was not in the past, but he didn’t care too much.Who knows that after the end of the menstruation, this situation gradually worsened and accompanied by abdominal pain.

As a last resort, Xiao Li came to the hospital. After a series of examinations, he was finally diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease and vaginitis.After asking about daily life, it was found that it was caused by the same room during the menstrual period, and Xiao Li regretted it.

Women have normal secretions. Under normal circumstances, the secretions are transparent, white, or slightly yellow. There is no odor, and abnormal secretions represent a certain problem of the uterus. So what does brown secretion mean?

Brown secretions in women after menstruation are not rare. Many people have this situation. There are many possibilities for their occurrences. They are physiological and pathological, as follows.

Brown discharge appears after menstruation, first of all, the most doubt is that the menstruation is not completely ended.Many female friends have dysmenorrhea. There may be menstrual blood stasis, so that menstrual blood is not discharged and completely discharged in time, and a small amount of menstrual blood remains in the uterine cavity. Then, with the secretion of logistics, it presents brown.This gives women an illusion. It feels like a brown secretion that occurs after menstruation, but it is actually that menstruation is not clean. This situation generally does not last long. Basically, it will disappear in three or two days.Influence.

Secondly, it may be caused by the stimulation of the birth ring.Some women will use the in -body placement to have a birthplace to contraception. This kind of birthplace may stimulate the uterine cavity in the uterine cavity, cause infection, and seduce the private processes to secrete brown substances.Once this happens, it is best to remove the birth ring in time for cleaning and disinfection to prevent the infection of the bacteria.

In addition, endocrine disorders are also important causes of brown secretions and cannot be ignored.Many women in life have bad living habits such as staying up late, diet, drinking, etc., thereby inducing endocrine disorders.Endocrine disorders can directly affect ovarian function, lead to unbalanced hormone secretion, and some women will cause brown secretions.Therefore, women have this situation, it is best to adjust their own daily work and rest in time to avoid long -term endocrine disorders affect physical health.

It should also be noted that the luteal function is abnormal and can also induce brown discharge.This is because women’s luteal function is directly related to the secretion of female estrogen.If the luteal function decreases, female female female progesterone secretion will be insufficient, prompting the endometrium to fall off in advance, the menstrual blood volume is small, and the dripping is endless, thereby forming brown discharge.

However, the most vigilant is gynecological diseases.Gynecological diseases are too common for women. The most direct manifestation is that there are abnormal secretions. If there are brown discharge and accompanied by odor, most of them are cervicitis and vaginitis caused by gynecological diseases.This is because inflammation affects the discharge of menstruation, leading to the formation of brown discharge and odor. This situation should be visited to the hospital in time.

In summary, it is not difficult to see that brown secretions are formed by a small amount of menstrual blood mixed secretions. This is best to seek medical treatment in time to prevent gynecological diseases and affect physical health.

In actual life, brown secretions will not only appear after menstruation, and some women have this situation before and during menstruation. Why is this?

Most of the brown secretions occur after the menstrual period is over, but in the early period of menstruation, there is also time in the middle of menstruation. This is also a problem that many female friends are very concerned about. Now let’s talk about this.

(1) Brown secretions appear before menstruation

Some women have brown secretions before menstruation. This is formed by the endometrium of the female uterine and a mixed secretion. Generally, it occurs in 1-2 days when menstruation comes.Then there will be a large amount of menstrual blood, which is physiological, and generally does not need to be ignored.

For women who prepare for pregnancy, if this happens, there may be a lower secretion of progesterone and not easy to pregnancy. Under the guidance of a doctor, you can supplement B6 or supplement progesterone to improve.

(2) Brown secretions appear in the middle of menstruation

Compared with brown secretion before and after menstruation, the probability of occurring in the middle period is much smaller. This is because brown secretion is largely due to the decrease in estrogen hormone, which cannot maintain the endometrium state, which causes the endometrium to fall off.

In the middle of menstruation, in normal conditions, the estrogen hormone in women is in a normal value to protect the endometrial shape of the non -menstrual period without abnormal secretions.At this time, brown discharge means that an ovulation is abnormal or the hormone level is lower than the normal value. It is best to seek medical treatment.

(3) Do not discharge menstruation during menstruation, only brown secretions

This is obviously not normal. Generally, there are two cases. One is a polycystic ovary syndrome; the other is a pregnancy, that is, pregnancy.

The polycapus itself is a disease with abnormal endocrine metabolism. It usually occurs without ovulation and antimosrophe. It is manifested as low menstrual flow and scarcity. Mixed secretions will show a brown state.

For women with regular menstruation, when menstruation, menstruation is delayed in the future, and only a small amount of brown secretions should be checked in time if it is caused by pregnancy.If the test is pregnant, it is likely that the vaginal bleeding after normal menstruation, or signs of warning, and be sure to seek medical treatment in time to determine the physical condition.

To put it simply, when a woman appears brown discharge, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is physiological or pathological manifestations based on the time points and symptoms of the occurrence.

Some people say that the secretion is a barometer that reflects the health of the uterus. The brown secretion itself is an abnormal manifestation. This is almost no such situation.Therefore, we must pay attention to prevention.

From the content mentioned earlier, we can understand that brown secretions are divided into physiological and pathological factors. To prevent this, we must start from fundamental.

First of all, the brown secretions caused by physiological factors can be summarized as poor discharge of menstrual blood, such as sedentary, cold, etc., which will cause blood stasis and not easy to discharge.Therefore, if you want to improve and prevent, you must keep warm throughout the menstrual period, avoid cold abdomen, cause blood stasis, and ensure that menstrual blood can be discharged smoothly.

Secondly, female friends are best to develop good living habits. Do not stay up late, drink, smoke, so as not to cause endocrine disorders and affect ovarian function.Try to avoid cold food in your diet, and take more high -protein foods, such as milk, soy products, chicken, fish, etc., which is conducive to ovarian maintenance.

Of course, exercise must be essential.The exercise itself can promote the metabolism of the whole body, including the uterine ovaries, etc., which has a good auxiliary effect on maintaining the uterine ovaries and can prevent the occurrence of brown secretions.Female friends may wish to choose a softer exercise such as yoga, fast walking, jogging, exercise, and exercise at the same time to relieve the abdominal pain in the menstrual period and help discharge menstrual blood.

In addition, menstrual hygiene is important.Women are in a relatively fragile stage during menstruation. They must do a good job of sanitary work, change sanitary napkins and underwear, clean, and avoid gynecological diseases from bacterial infections.

There is also a regular gynecological examination.For women in childcare, the probability of gynecological diseases is very high. It is best to do some gynecological examinations regularly to detect gynecological diseases in time to achieve early treatment and early treatment.

In general, any disease is "prevention greater than treatment", and active prevention is definitely the best choice.However, abnormal secretions are not only brown secretions, but also some abnormal performances, but also pay attention.

As we all know, women’s secretions are transparent, white, or slightly yellow under normal state, and there is no odor, and it presents a brown state. It is only one of the abnormal performances, and other abnormal states should also pay attention.

If female friends have a normal appearance, but the amount of quantity is significantly increased, this is actually abnormal. It is likely that chronic cervicitis, ovarian dysfunction and other diseases occur.

If women suffer from trichomonal vaginitis, the secretions will appear yellow or yellow -green foam, with a smell, and even itching with external causes. Patients with Candida vaginitis can be manifested as tofu residue as tofu residue.Sample state, accompanied by itching with external causes.

If women have blood in leucorrhea during non -menstrual period, that is, blood -based leucorrhea, this is more dangerous. It is likely that tumors are likely to occur. Be sure to pay attention to seek medical examination.

The most terrible secretion is yellow water -like leucorrhea, accompanied by stench.This can be said to be the most dangerous signal. It is likely to be tumor infection ulcers. A large number of necrotic tissues are discharged. Mixed secretions form a beige -like state. It has a strong smell.Once this symptoms appear, quickly seek medical treatment.

In short, the secretion is an important sign that can intuitively reflect the state of the uterine state. Female friends must pay attention to it.If the secretion is abnormal, such as brown secretions, it is best to seek medical screening to prevent the disease from occurring.At the same time, we must develop good living habits in daily life, do a good job of prevention, and give the uterus a healthy and good living environment.


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