Why does "brown secretion" appear after menstruation?If you have, pay attention to

The physiological cycle of female friends is not only a natural process, but also a close relationship with youth and beauty. If you can master the mystery, then "preserving the beauty" is not an out of reach.

Menstruation refers to a phenomenon that women’s blood or mucous membranes regularly discharge from the vagina from the endometrium through the endometrium. Because this phenomenon is usually 21 days to 35 days, nearly one month, so this cyclical physiological phenomenon is called menstruation as menstruation.Essence

The time of menstruation is generally 3 to 5 days, but 27 days are also a normal clinical phenomenon. Each menstruation will lose about 40 ml of blood and 35 ml of liquid each time, and tissue cells such as uterine mucosa will also be menstruationFlowing out of the body.

This is such a seemingly ordinary physiological cycle, but it brings countless troubles to female friends, including intuitive inconvenience, and even indirectly affecting emotional fluctuations, including a series of bad menstruation.Reaction and potential lesions.


Four small details of physiological changes in early menstruation

Details 1: Obviously dry or neutral skin, you suddenly become an oily skin.

Details 2: The hair is the same as the skin. It is particularly easy to produce oil, and there are even many dandruff.

Details three: Because of the advent of menstruation, your skin has become rough.

Details 4: After menstruation is ushered in each month, there will always be a few small acne on the forehead and cheeks.


Why does "brown secretion" appear after menstruation?If you have, pay attention to

1. Menstruation has not completely ended

Many female friends will always be dragged on menstruation, and even 8-9 days will come. If you find that your menstruation frequently appears for 10 or even 10 days in daily life, you must see my regular hospital in time.Medical treatment and treatment.

If you let menstrual drag up a little bit earlier, even a large amount of brown discharge will appear on the underwear. Although it is a normal phenomenon of menstruation, it lasts too long, which is very impact on women’s health and uterus.

2. Disgalanation abnormalities

If everyone finds that some brown discharge always appears on their underwear, this may be caused by abnormal or incomplete luteum function in the body.

After the luteal function in the body decreases or damage causes the menstruation, this phenomenon is carried with a large amount of intermittent brown secretions. Everyone must seek medical treatment in time and perform drug conditioning and treatment through a certain doctor’s order.

3. The emergence of gynecological diseases

If a large amount of brown discharge is found on the underwear after menstruation, it may be that the body suffers from gynecological inflammation, and gynecological diseases such as uterine fibroids, cervicitis, enditis, etc.big.

If the menstrual menstruation goes every month, it will be difficult to exclude cleaning, and even dragging and pulling it will be accompanied by some abnormal secretions with underwear.Gynecological inflammation and disease.

4. Endocrine dysfunction

Endocrine has a close relationship with women’s menstruation. If the endocrine in the body is disordered, it will affect the health of women, which will also affect women’s uterus and ovaries.

This phenomenon may cause female friends to have poor blood bleeding, abdominal pain, and qi stagnation congestion. Even the exclusive menstruation, the blood color will be dark, and even a blood clot will gradually flow out.It is caused by the poor blood row.

5. Cause of the contraceptive ring

Before the implementation of a three -child open policy, our country has always implemented a family planning policy, which has strict regulations for each household.

Most female friends will take the contraceptive ring on the bus after giving birth to the first or second child.

The contraceptive ring has just entered the uterine cavity, and it will bring a certain stimulus to the uterine cavity and uterus, resulting in a large amount of brown secretions from private parts, and this phenomenon may last for three months or even half a year.

If you have already hit a contraceptive ring in the uterine cavity, you must remember to clean up the private parts with warm water before going to bed at night to avoid infection with bacteria, otherwise the risk of gynecological inflammation will be aggravated.


During the period of the holiday, women need 4 methods for family skin care

1. Reduce skin care procedures: At this time, skin care procedures and skin care products, and cosmetics must reduce some use of nourishingness to refreshing.

2. The secretion of balanced oil and water: The cleansing supplies used in the early period of menstruation, it is best to have the effect of oil removal and use more T -shaped parts to apply a layer of essence to balance the oil secretion.

3. Strengthen sun protection: Due to the strong sebum secretion, it will not only cause sebum glands to block the pores, but also easily form a large amount of wheat element and wheat swelling, resulting in a large increase in dark brown spots on the face.

Therefore, during this time, the skin is particularly easy to be affected by ultraviolet rays. Therefore, you must pay attention to prevent wrinkles and spots during outdoor activities. Even in autumn and winter, you must pay attention to the use of sunscreen.

4. Supplement vitamin C and vitamin B: Vitamin C can not only inhibit the production of Magrain pigment in the body, but also calm down wrinkles.

It can even be reduced. One of the reasons for the increase in the increase of the pigin pigment can also be reduced. In addition, vitamin B can also improve skin dryness, roughness and acne.


Under what circumstances should I see a doctor in order to understand my menstrual conditions?

· Until the age of 15, I have not ushered in the first menstruation

· The breasts still have no menstruation within three years after the development of the breast, or the breasts start to develop within 13 years of development.

· Menstruation suddenly stopped, and more than 90 days.

· After a regular menstruation arrives, the next menstruation will become very irregular and reciprocate.

The menstrual cycle is equal to 21 days, or more than every 35 days.

· Menstrual bleeding time is more than 7 days.

· The amount of bleeding is more than usual, or you need to change a cotton or pad for every one or two hours.

There is a phenomenon of bleeding between two menstrual periods.

· During menstruation, extremely serious abdominal pain and pain in other parts.

· The occurrence of fever or nausea and vomiting after using sanitary cotton strips.

· Blood clots will occur every time.

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