Why don’t you want to eat and just sleep after pregnancy?Don’t complain about the pregnant mother, this is the baby to protect herself

Tingting has become a person since she was pregnant. She has always been active, she is lazy every day, and she loves to sleep in particular, as if she can’t sleep when she sleeps;Don’t want to eat, there are always various "patterns vomiting" in the morning …

During a pregnancy test, Tingting told the doctor about her bad state, but did not expect the doctor to laugh: "This shows that the baby is good in your belly, you should be happy!"

Doctors said that most pregnant mothers will have obvious symptoms of physical fatigue, sleeping, and vomiting after pregnancy, which is mainly related to a special substance secreted by pregnant mothers -human chorionic gonad hormones.It is the existence of such substances that pregnant mothers can feel fatigue, sleepy, and bad appetite.Although this kind of substance seems to be "tossing" the pregnant mother, in fact, the pregnant mother needs it throughout the pregnancy because:

1. Prevent the fetal baby from slipping away from the "room"

One of the main functions of human chorionic gonad hormone in pregnant mothers is to promote the secretion of progesterone.Many pregnant mothers often see the word progesterone on the list during examination. In fact, this substance is a kind of activity substance produced by the ovaries.The existence of this substance is mainly to protect the baby’s baby and reduce the probability of unexpected abortion, that is, find a way to stabilize the baby, and do not let TA "slip" from the mother’s small house.

Therefore, during pregnancy, many doctors monitor this data to check the fetus in the mother’s body.If the progesterone index of the pregnant mother has been low, sometimes the doctor also recommends to increase the progesterone value through an injection to ensure the safety of the fetus.

2. "Promote harmony" in the mother’s body

This substance produced during pregnancy can also protect the baby in the belly. After pregnancy, there is a certain rejection between the mother and the baby, but this hormone can inhibit the rejection of the two sides, so that the baby’s cells are not subject to the mother’s body.Attack, let pregnant mothers and fetuses get along with each other.It is the existence of TA that the baby can grow up stably in the mother’s belly.Therefore, pregnant mothers should not complain about pregnancy and make them feel uncomfortable. Vomiting means that your hormone secretes enough. This is an alternative protection for the baby.

3. Make the baby’s small head more spiritual

The gonad hormone secreted during pregnancy can be combined with certain cells of the pregnant mother, so that the thyroid gland of the pregnant mother can be more active.In fact, during the growth of the baby, the hormone of the pregnant mother cannot be separated. On the one hand, these substances can promote the growth of the fetal brain cells, and the other party can also promote the development of the nerves of the baby.Therefore, if you want a baby to have a higher IQ in the future, pregnant mothers should not worry about sleeping and not wanting to eat, because everything you bear today is to add points to the baby’s "IQ".

When the quasi -Mummy’s eggs are combined with the "little tadpole" of the prospective father, it becomes a fertilized egg. As TA settled in the family’s family in the mother’s belly, the mother’s body needs more energy supply. At this time, the most primitive placenta starts to beginThe secretion of this kind of gonadotropin is usually generated about 12 days after pregnancy.Generally, it reaches its peak in about 8 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the pregnant mother can be clearly seen through the urine test that the value of this indicator is relatively high. As the pregnant mother’s body gradually adapts to the "little guy", this hormone secretion will be slow.Slowness is reduced, but during the whole pregnancy, this substance has always existed.

This material value is not only an important basis for doctors to judge whether women are pregnant, but also a reference to understanding the actual situation of the baby baby.


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