Why eat chocolate can make you happy?The reason is very simple

Chocolate, this seductive name has fascinated countless people.It has a variety of shapes, colors, flavors and aromas that can meet the preferences and needs of different people.It can be a sweet gift, a delicious snack, or even a manifestation of art.But do you know?Chocolate also has a more amazing feature, that is, it can make us happy!

Do you often want to eat a piece of chocolate to comfort yourself when you are emotionally low?Do you feel that you feel better after eating chocolate, and even a sense of happiness?If you have such an experience, then you are not alone.In fact, chocolate is considered a food that can enhance people’s emotions, and even some people have an incredible desire for it.So why can eating too much chocolate make us happy?Is there any scientific principle behind this?

To answer this question, we must first understand what the main component of chocolate is.The main component of chocolate is cocoa beans. Cocoa beans contain some chemicals that can affect people’s nervous systems, such as caffeine, cocoaine, and phenyline.These chemicals can stimulate people’s brain to release some neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, serotonin, endorphin, etc.These neurotransmitters are chemical signals related to people’s emotions, memory, rewards, love, etc., which can make people feel happy, satisfied, excited, relaxed, etc.Therefore, when we eat chocolate, it is equivalent to injecting a happy pharmaceutical agent into our brain, which has a feeling of happiness.

This is as if we are watching a comedy movie, we will laugh involuntarily; or when we hear a beautiful song, we will feel refreshed; or when you receive the gifts of your beloved, you will feel warm and warmsweet.These are because of some special areas and neurons in our brains. When receiving external stimuli, we will release some chemicals that make us feel happy and happy.Some chemicals contained in chocolate can simulate or enhance these stimuli, so that we can feel similar effects.

However, not all chocolates make us happy.Generally speaking, the more dark chocolate with high purity and low sugar content, the more can effectively enhance our emotions.This is because black chocolate contains more cocoa solids, that is, more chemicals in cocoa beans.White chocolate and milk chocolate contain more sugar and cream, which will affect the absorption and role of chemicals in cocoa beans.In addition, sugar and cream will increase our blood sugar and cholesterol levels, which will be adverse to our health.

If you want to enhance your emotions by eating chocolate, it is best to choose dark chocolate and eat it in moderation.Eating a small piece of dark chocolate (about 10-20 grams) every day can not only make you happy, but also bring you some other benefits, such as reducing blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, etc.Of course, in addition to eating chocolate, there are many other ways to make us feel happy, such as sports, meditation, listening to music, watching comedies, communicating with relatives and friends.These methods can help us release the happy chemicals in the brain, so that we can feel the beauty in life.

Therefore, eating too much chocolate will make us happy, because chocolate contains some chemicals that can affect our brain neurotransmitters.However, not all chocolates can make us happy. It is best to choose dark chocolate and eat it in moderation in order to enjoy deliciousness and maintain health.

Of course, eating chocolate is not the only way to make us happy. We can also improve our emotions through other ways, such as sports, meditation, listening to music, watching comedies, communicating with relatives and friends.As long as we find a way that suits us, we can make our lives better and happier.

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