Why is "pregnant October" calculated during pregnancy for 280 days, how is the doctor’s due date?

People often say that "in October", but attentive people will find that it does not seem to be ten months.

It is often said that there are three stages of pregnancy, early, early pregnancy, second trimester, and third trimester.

After full calculation, it was only a little more than nine months and not ten months.what is happening?What should I calculate during pregnancy?

Xiao Jiang is a pregnant mother who is about to produce. After giving birth, it becomes not so free.

Even if you can’t go out for a long time, you can’t eat delicious food.So Xiao Jiang decided to travel around in the past.It was only decided in the morning to go away in the afternoon.

Xiao Jiang was very happy to play with his girlfriend. On the afternoon of the day of the trip, Xiao Jiang’s belly began to hurt, and he quickly called her husband.

After hanging up the phone, her husband rushed quickly, and she was urgently sent to the hospital.Fortunately, it was not far away. After arriving at the hospital, Xiao Jiang had opened to four fingers.

After entering the delivery room for less than half an hour, Xiao Jiang gave birth to a big fat son.However, Xiao Jiang has never understood, and complained to her husband, "The due date is deceived. I originally planned to play a few days before giving birth. As a result, the child was born five days in advance."

The doctor came to the inspection room and helped Xiao Jiang explain the problem. "Not every baby was born on the day of the due date, and only about 5%of babies can be born on the same day. Generally speakingPreparation for delivery. "

1) The calculation method of the due date is commonly used for the last menstrual period.

Add and subtract the last menstrual month and date.The month is +9 or -3, the date is +7, and the due date is calculated.

For women with irregular menstruation, the accuracy rate is not high.

In addition, repeated calculations can be used to use B -ultrasound, measurement of palace height, and pregnancy time.

The B -ultrasound algorithm uses the data on the B -ultrasound to calculate the pregnancy time.For example, the double -top diameter, the humerus length, etc., the accuracy is generally relatively high.The height measurement method of the palace bottom is to measure calculation for the height of the palace to calculate the time of pregnancy.Pregnancy time is calculated that pregnancy vomiting is a pregnancy reaction during pregnancy, which can also be used to calculate the pregnancy week, but the accuracy rate is not high.And some pregnant mothers do not have a pregnancy reaction, this method is best for reference only.

2) The due date is calculated at 280 days after conception?

The so -called conceived in October is actually calculated on the week.Twelve months a year, some months are more than a few days, some months less, from 28 days-31 days.

Therefore, the due date is calculated on a week, 4 weeks are calculated for 1 month, and 40 weeks are 10 months, which is 280 days.

The estimated due date is to get the last period of menstruation and 280 days to get the due date.

3) The due date is more accurate according to the ovulation period

For women with a regular menstrual cycle, the due date of ovulation period is more accurate.

Generally speaking, the ovulation period is the 14th day before menstruation.However, some women’s ovulation days may be possible to advance or postpone.

After the calculation of ovulation, add another 5 days and 4 days, a total of ten days is called the ovulation period.

If you still don’t understand it, you can use some pregnancy -preserved apps to calculate the function of ovulation.

Calculate the ovulation day, plus 266 days, is the due date.But this calculation method does not apply to women with irregular menstruation.

In fact, women will change some small changes when ovulation.As long as you usually pay more attention to observation, you can accurately grasp your ovulation period, which is good for pregnancy.

1) Smakers

During the ovulation period, the cervix secretes mucus due to the impact of estrogen and progesterone.This mucus texture is relatively clear and transparent, like egg white, and can also be brushed.

Generally, ovulation will be performed within 2 days after the discharge appears, and the secretions will be thickened after ovulation.

2) Body temperature

Women who prepare for pregnancy generally have the habit of testing in the morning, and this is also a good way to observe the ovulation period.

Generally, the body temperature will be around 36.5 ° C before the ovulation period. On the day of ovulation, the body temperature will rise by 0.3-0.5 ° C.

I measure the oral temperature after getting up in the morning every morning, which is more accurate.However, if the body temperature will change after exercise, after eating, or a cold, it will not be used as a reference for ovulation.

Tips: The indispensable tool for pregnancy is ovulation test strip.Ovulation test strips can be effective and monitor ovulation.

When the ovulation test strip is found to be positive, this shows that the ovulation period is about to come, and prepare for pregnant mothers to prepare.

【Candy Parenting Message】

As the saying goes, "Knowing and knowing the other, hundreds of battles."Women’s accurately mastering various dates will make the chance of pregnancy higher.I wish every pregnant mother who can successfully conceive as soon as possible.

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