Why is a 19 -year -old college student who has no sexual life pregnant?

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A week ago, 19 -year -old Xiaolan (pseudonym) went to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the third affiliated hospital of the South Medical University.

Xiao Lan told Director Wang that he hadn’t had menstruation for two months, and wanted to check what the situation was.After asking some basic situations, Director Wang learned that Xiao Lan had no sexual life, and his menstruation was usually very regular. He was physically and mentally relaxed. There was no mental pressure. It was suggested that Xiao Lan went to a B -ultrasound of the abdominal urination.

Two hours later, Xiao Lan took B -ultrasound to return to the clinic with a doubtful face.

Xiao Lan was very excited: "Doctor, I just said that I was pregnant and I had no sex. How could I get pregnant? Is it wrong?"

Director Wang Xuefeng asked Xiao Lan to think about it, have you had a closer behavior with his boyfriend. After thinking about it, Xiao Lan said, "That should not be. We have not entered. I am still a virgin. It is not sex.Life, my boyfriend also said that it would not be pregnant. "

There are often young girls in gynecological clinics (have nothing to do with graphic)

The hymen is not ruptured and may be pregnant

Director Wang Xuefeng introduced that many little girls now lack knowledge of sexual life and insufficient self -protection awareness. One -sidedly believes that as long as the male genitals do not enter the vagina, they will not get pregnant.Essence

But in fact, even if there is no rupture of the hymen, there is a hole in the center of the membrane. The menstrual blood of girls per month flows out through this hole. Therefore, sperm outside the vagina may enter the vagina along this hole, although there is a occurrence of occurrence, although it happens, although it happensThe rate is low, but if you just encounter the ovulation period, you may cause pregnancy.

Director Wang Xuefeng calls on schools and parents to give more preaching to the content of adolescent physiology and mental health to young people and girls in the flower season, enhance the knowledge of young people’s health education, guide young people to understand scientific comprehensive bisexual health knowledge, know how to protect themselves, protect love, love loveThe other half.

These contraceptive methods are not reliable

Director Wang Xuefeng also explained in response to some common unreliable contraceptive methods.

不S safety period contraception, it is really unsafe

Generally speaking, the next 14 days before the menstrual tide is the ovulation period, and the sperm can survive for a maximum of 72 hours in the female reproductive tract. Therefore, there may be concerted life without protective sexual life around the ovulation day.It belongs to the "danger period".

Theoretically avoiding this time is called the so -called "safety period".However, the safety period is not absolutely safe. Some women’s menstruation is irregular, so ovulation is irregular; although some women have a regular menstrual rule, ovulation is still affected by factors such as emotional, living environment, and physical state.Contracense is really unsafe, please enter this pit with caution.

孕 Emergency contraceptives contraceptive

The commonly used emergency contraceptives are single, large doses of progesterone. It only takes a remedy method without a protective sex life. It cannot be taken frequently as conventional contraceptives.

According to statistics, its contraceptive efficiency is only 50%, which is why it is pregnant for taking emergency contraceptives, and even pregnant with pregnancy.In addition, some women have irregular vaginal bleeding after taking emergency contraceptives, causing endocrine disorders.

Therefore, it is recommended that women should not take more than 3 emergency contraceptives within one year. Do not take emergency contraceptives repeatedly during the menstrual cycle of the same month.

In addition, it is recommended that everyone adopt a advanced, long -term use, stable and reliable contraceptive method, such as long -term oral short -acting contraceptives or use of childbearing contraceptives.

套 Unsurdowing with condoms and in vitro exclusion contraceptives

Before ejaculation, the prostate fluid secreted by men contains a small amount of sperm. Although the amount is small, these sperm are enough for women to get pregnant.

The initiative of wearing a sleeve and in vitro exclusion is in the hands of men and is not safe. Therefore, women should have the initiative in contraception. Before entering, they should wear suits and refuse unsafe contraception methods.(For more news, please pay attention to the Yangcheng Pai Pai.ycwb.com)

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