Why is it pregnant with Six Jia, what does "Six Jia" mean?I have to admire the wisdom of the ancients

When we talk about women’s pregnancy, we often say that she is pregnant with six, but few people really understand the meaning of Liujia.In fact, the origin of this word can be traced back to ancient times, and even the word of the beauty has used this word, which shows that it has been spreading for a long time.

The specific significance of the Liujia has always been divergent.

It refers to the six days after the matching of the Tiangan and the Earthly Branch, namely Jiazi, Jiayin, Jiachen, Jiawu, Jiashen, Jiayu.

The word A has multiple meanings in ancient times.It can represent the scores of A, turtle, etc.At the same time, A is also an important element in the chronological law.

In ancient times, because there was no calendar, people created perpetual calendar. Among them, the combination of Tiangan and Earthly Branches formed sixty armor.Among them, the years starting with A are Jiazi, Jiayu, Jiashen, Jiawu, Jiachen, and Jiayin. This is the so -called "six Jia".Although this year’s law is not easy to understand, it shows the wisdom of the ancients and the precise sense of time.

In ancient times, people have studied their chronological law from an early age, which is considered a very necessary cultural heritage.The ancients believed that pregnancy was related to the law.According to the "Six Jia Guan Nihile Books" in "Sui Books · Journalist III", the day of the six -year is the day when heaven and everything is made of all things, and it is also the day when women are the easiest to get pregnant.As a result, Six Jia has become a statement to describe women’s pregnancy.

Wearing armor itself is very hard, and wearing six -layer armor is even more unbearable.Therefore, the woman’s pregnancy is compared with the six armor, emphasizing the hard work and difficulties during pregnancy.

Only the officials of the officials or the wealthy people can afford the doctor to confirm whether they are pregnant.Most women of ordinary families can determine their pregnancy when they are self -perception or wait for the fetus for six months.

Because the people have the saying of "Tibetan Five, Tibetan, and Six". Once you are pregnant, in six months, you can definitely see the bulge of the stomach, revealing an obvious state of pregnancy.

In addition, ancient medical conditions were relatively poor, and lack of modern and advanced pregnant women’s health care and prenatal inspection methods.Many women can only judge whether they are pregnant through their own experience, such as the stop of menstruation, changes in appetite, and breast pain.

When it is six months, the fetus has developed to a certain extent, and the body changes in pregnant women are more obvious. At this time, we can be sure whether they are pregnant.

In ancient society, children’s gender is very important for family.Due to the relatively low level of productivity, agricultural production requires more labor force, so people generally focus on men and women, hoping to have a healthy son to inherit family business and pass on to generation.

Liujia represents Yang in the combination of the Sky and Earthly Branches, and Yang symbolizes men in the traditional yin and yang five -element doctrine.Therefore, the pregnancy is also known as the meaning of blessing to have a son.

Everyone will go through a sixty armor cycle.Based on this, the sixth can also be regarded as a symbol of a new life that is breeding, representing the beginning of a new reincarnation.In this statement, "Six Jia" expresses the expectations and blessings of new life, hoping that children can grow up healthy and enjoy longevity.

From the perspective of which perspective, the word "in the sixth" carries the blessings and care of pregnant women in ancient society for pregnant women.Although the ancient medical conditions were limited, people expressed their care and expectations for pregnant women and fetuses in various ways. I hope they can spend pregnancy and grow healthily and grow healthily.The tradition of caring and blessings has continued to this day, and has shown rich and diverse forms in different cultures.

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