Why is someone who is not pregnant?The "unfairness" of pregnancy reaction is related to fetal

It is said that the first three months of pregnancy are the most terrible and difficult. I believe that many pregnant mothers have a deep experience in this.

In the first three months, most pregnant mothers have a pregnancy reaction, that is, a pregnancy reaction.When the pregnancy reaction was coming, the pregnant mothers seemed to be in a calamity, vomiting darkness, and their eyes were dark.

By 8 weeks of pregnancy, Mengmeng can really feel the "power" of pregnancy reaction.For the first time, she was very curious about her pregnancy reaction. She always saw that pregnant women covered their mouths to retider in the TV series. She didn’t know what kind of experience of pregnancy reaction.

Meng Meng even sent out such a "Versailles" emotion: "I really hope that the pregnancy response will come soon, and I can still lose a few pounds."

When the pregnancy response really came, Meng Meng felt that his thoughts were too naive.She did not expect that her sense of smell would become so sensitive, and when she smelled some taste, she would not vomit.Sometimes when taking the elevator at the unit, the smell of smoke on the male colleague will also retider.

Meng Meng began to miss the normal appetite and did not have a pregnancy reaction.

Qian Qian, the female colleague of the Mengmeng unit, was also in the early stages of pregnancy, but Qian Qian did not show signs of pregnancy. He usually talked to you and laughs, and his appetite was also very good. He was puzzled in his heart, and even began to be wronged.

Why is Qian Qian’s pregnancy so easy, and there is no pregnancy reaction, and he spit out and live?Mengmeng secretly complained in his heart.

Indeed, when most pregnant mothers experience the torture of pregnancy reactions, a small number of pregnant mothers can live a comfortable early pregnancy.They are all pregnant mothers. Why is the experience of pregnancy completely different?Could it be that pregnancy reactions are already unfair, not everyone will have it?

In fact, the pregnancy reaction is indeed "unfair", that is, there are a small part of the pregnant mother who will not be affected by the pregnancy reaction.

The reason why pregnant mothers have trunk reaction symptoms such as retching virginity in the early pregnancy is actually related to the bed and development in the abdomen.

After understanding several factors affecting the degree of pregnancy response, might be the "unfairness" phenomenon of pregnant mothers to the "unfairness" of pregnancy reactions, and you don’t have to envy the "lucky" who has no pregnancy reaction.

◎ Hormone in pregnant women

The reason why the pregnancy reaction is related to the fetus is that when the fertilized eggs are bed in the uterus, the hormone secretion in the pregnant mother has changed a lot.

The amount of hormone -related hormone -related hormone -related hormone -related hormones such as vulcanic gonadotropin, estrogen, progesterone, etc. will grow rapidly to meet the needs of embryonic development.

The increase of these hormones in the body will make the pregnant mother’s sense of smell sensitive, and can also cause stomach discomfort, cause symptoms such as vomiting and nausea.

When the hormone in the pregnant mother grows to a certain amount, the pregnant mother will have what we call the pregnancy reaction.The pregnancy reaction will not appear immediately after pregnancy, but will wait until 6 weeks to 8 weeks.

This is because the hormone growth is slower at first, and the total amount of hormones is lower.Therefore, the pregnancy reaction is indeed related to the fetus, and the development of the fetus is the "initials."

Since the development of the fetus has caused changes in the hormone of pregnant mothers, it is reasonable to say that this change is universal. Why are there some lucky things that some pregnant mothers have no pregnancy reaction?

This is because the body of these pregnant mothers is not very sensitive to changes in hormones. Even if the hormones in the body have changed tremendous changes, these pregnant mothers cannot be aware of it.Don’t envy such a pregnant mother. After all, the pregnant mothers who are not pregnant are a minority.

◎ The constitution of pregnant women

Some pregnant mothers have a regular life before pregnancy and have the habit of exercise. The physical fitness of these pregnant mothers is better than other pregnant mothers, and it is more adaptable to the hormone changes in the body.

Some pregnant mothers are relatively weak, and they usually lack exercise. When the hormones in the body change due to pregnancy, they are also affected.

These pregnant mothers with poor physical fitness are often serious, and often the whole person is like a frosty eggplant.

A friend was comfortable in the early pregnancy when he was pregnant, and was envious of others.When she was pregnant, her physique became worse because she was old, and she spit it.

There are also some pregnant mothers’ physical response to hormone changes. They are more "dull". This "no pregnancy reaction" constitution is sometimes inherited.

A friend and mother did not have a pregnancy reaction when she was pregnant, and she did not have a pregnancy reaction during pregnancy. This kind of natural and uninteressed constitution was really enviable.

◎ The psychological hint of pregnant women

I do n’t know if the pregnant mother who has experienced pregnancy experience has noticed such a phenomenon: When she spit in the bathroom, her husband seems to be affected, making some retching sounds.

In fact, if we hear the vomiting sound of others on weekdays, we will not help but feel nauseous and want to vomit.

The reason why there is such a phenomenon is because vomiting will be affected by psychological suggestions.Some pregnant mothers want to vomit because they do not move every time they always think of "I am a pregnant woman, I have a pregnancy reaction". I remember this in my heart.Will become more frequent

Therefore, if you want to reduce your pregnancy reactions, it is better for pregnant mothers to temporarily forget their identity as a pregnant woman.

For example, you can treat yourself as an ordinary person, live as usual, and do not remind yourself to be a pregnant woman repeatedly. If you have a pregnancy reaction, or you can also make your life full of busyness, so that your pregnancy response can be greatly greatreduce.

Although the pregnancy reaction is a bit "grinding", pregnant mothers do not fall into bad emotions because of this.Even if you don’t have any appetite, you must let yourself try to eat some food a little, not to be hungry.

I believe that such difficult moments will always pass. These past experiences will become the medal of mothers, pay tribute to the great "prospective mothers".

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