Why is the body of pregnant women sweating and sweating, like a "stove" of walking?Five wonderful tricks to help you cool and summer summer

The colleague Yanzi has been distressed recently. As the gestational week increases, her body shape is gradually rounded, and everything is developing in a beautiful direction, but only the body heat brings her a lot of trouble.

Swallow told me that she felt that she was a "stove" that was walking recently. She was very afraid of heat and was easy to sweat.Li Xia went into the air -conditioned room as soon as she passed, and her unsightly husband had to rest with her.On weekdays, I also love to eat food in the refrigerator. The family complained that her will be willful. They believe that these behaviors will cause damage to the body of the fetus and expectant mothers, causing the family to complain.

The situation of swallows is not an example. Many expectant mothers will feel that their body temperature is rising during pregnancy, easy to sweat and not heat.Especially in summer, it is even more difficult.

Similar to the principle of slightly rising body temperature during ovulation, the impact of expectant mothers’ conceived hormone will be about 1 ° C higher than before pregnancy.And the increase in blood flow from all over the pregnancy has brought more heat, and the body needs to cool down by sweating.

This is why expectant mothers are hot and easy to sweat.You can imagine yourself as a exquisitely operating machine, because you need to give birth to a baby more than daily, and the physical parts of the body need to work overtime at a high -speed operation on the premise of ensuring safety. The most direct result is to trigger body temperatureStepping.

Can pregnant women blow the air conditioner?Even newborn can, of course, pregnant women are fine.Many elderly people think that pregnant women have poor air conditioners and are easy to catch a cold. In fact, as long as the air conditioning is used scientifically, not only will it not damage health, but also allows pregnant women with body heat to get a comprehensive and effective cooling, bringing comfort.

There are the following precautions when blowing the air conditioner during pregnancy: regular cleaning the air conditioner, you can wash the filter once each before and after the use of the air conditioning season; the air-conditioned room must open the window on time.26 ° C-28 ° C. If the pregnant woman feels dry and itching, she should also use a humidifier and apply a moisturizing cream.Remember, air conditioners, humidifiers, and moisturizing creams are three good partners; do not enter the air-conditioned room with sweat, and should not be blown directly into the air outlet.Turn off the air conditioner half an hour before leaving the air -conditioned room, and then leave after the indoor temperature rises slightly.

There is a saying that pregnant women will tremble coldly when eating ice cream fetuses.This is obviously lacking scientific basis, but it is understood that the existence of this statement is roughly to persuade pregnant women to eat less ice food.

Taking ice cream as an example, pregnant women eat ice cream itself will not affect the fetus, and it is okay to eat one or two occasionally.However, the gastrointestinal function of expectant mothers is weakened than before pregnancy. If the sugar content of food is high, pregnant women cannot absorb and decompose in time, which will also affect health. In addition, too much iced food during pregnancy may make the expectant mothers diarrhea.It’s so uncomfortable.

Therefore, during pregnancy, the iced food should still be eaten less or not.

Summer is approaching. In the face of gradually rising temperatures and the more hot physique of expectant mothers, how can it be comfortable in summer?These four tricks can help you.

① Drink plenty of boiled water

Kai Kaishui is the safest and healthy drink of expectant mothers.Specific mothers often mean that the body is in a state of water shortage. The body during pregnancy requires water than ever, and it takes enough water to supplement the balanced amniotic fluid every day.It is essential to replenish water in time for sweating.

② Wearing breathing clothing

The pure cotton material is very suitable for wearing in summer. Not only is the texture soft and thin, but also very breathable. It will not be close to the skin because of the sweat.

③ bath

Bathing warm water, don’t be too long, and the bathroom should not be ventilated.After taking a shower, expectant mothers can leave a thin layer of water on the surface of the skin, and the evaporation of water can also take away some body temperature.

④ Use a cool exercise method

The most cooling way in summer is the swimming. It is recommended that the expectant mothers who love swimming try to swim during pregnancy.It can exercise both, which is good for health, but also cools down in summer.However, expectant mothers should avoid the peak of passenger flow when swimming, and must not swim alone, and arrange exercise intensity reasonably according to their physical fitness.

⑤ Outdoor exercise at the right time

There are many benefits to exercise during pregnancy. Many expectant mothers choose the way outdoor walking, but in the hot summer, you still need to choose a suitable time period to go out for a walk.Such as early morning and evening.

In terms of summer diet, expectant mothers should also eat less cold foods, not only iced food, but also cold dishes that are not sanitary and not complied with the standards will also cause a blow to the mother’s fragile gastrointestinal function. Diagnosis is not a trivial matter during pregnancy.

Dear friends, what else do you still have a little trick to relieve body heat?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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