Why is the left when the fetal movement is left and right?It turned out to be like this!

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"Hang Mom has a movement and movement," Yun Yun, you make clearly, what does it mean that I have movement. Didn’t I talk to you in the group?I have a fetal movement for helping my mother. I was so excited that I did n’t express it clearly. Congratulations in the group, help your mother tell me about the fetal movement, I can learn it, so you can pay attention to it.Let me talk about fetal movement.

Then I will tell you a misunderstanding to the mother before the fetal movement to judge men and women. Today, help mom wants to take everyone out of the pit.

For this helper mother, the gender of the fetus has been determined from the combination of sperm and eggs, so don’t entangle this problem.

What is normal fetal movement?

The fetal movement is about 4 hours, and the fetal movement is more than 30 times in 12 hours. The fetal movement must be regular, rhythmic, and no major changes, so as to become normal fetal movements.

Why is it a boy on the left?On the right is the girl?

This is what some people say so on their own experience. There is no scientific basis for this. For the fetal baby’s fetal movement on the left and right frequency, it will give you a reasonable explanation.

Let’s tell you today, why is there such a fetal movement?

When will there be fetal movement?

In fact, the fetal movement had been there when the baby was five months old. At that time, the baby was not so strong, or the baby was lazy and did not want to move. You needed to feel carefully.

Sometimes the fetal movement is on the left; sometimes it is on the right, what is the situation?

Mainly because the position of the fetus is different. When the fetus is not entered into the basin, most of the position is three -dimensional, and then the position of the baby’s hands and feet is because the fetal baby is moving, which means that the fetus’s hands and feet are located., Determine the fetal movement there.

Pregnant mothers pay attention when they sleep at night. When sleeping, the pregnant mother does not have to keep the left side. If the left fetal movement is frequent, the pregnant mother must use the right side to prevent the baby’s baby when sleeping.

What does it feel for fetal movement?

Five months later, the pregnant mother’s feeling of fetal movement slowly increased, and the fetal movement would slowly obvious. By the time of pregnancy, you will see that your baby’s little feet pass through your belly. Sometimes sometimesYou can clearly see the mark of your baby’s feet.

What trouble does the fetal movement cause the pregnant mother?

Speaking of a lot of fetal mothers, pregnant mothers love and hate. In the middle of pregnancy, the fetal movement is available. At the beginning of the fetal movement, the fetal movement is not very frequent, and it is not obvious. The pregnant mother does not feel when she sleeps.The baby is like a pair for pregnant mothers. The pregnant mother sleeps. He starts to play. The pregnant mother wakes him up and starts to sleep, so that the pregnant mother can’t sleep well during the third trimester.

The above is that the pregnant mother wants to know that the left fetal movement is different from the right fetal movement. Today, the mother will tell you that those pregnant mothers who do not know can learn it. Do n’t believe in that kind.Time movement is irregular. Pregnant mothers have to seek medical treatment. Don’t rest at home. Irregular fetal movements are the baby to give you a signal, don’t care carefully.

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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