Why is there jaundice for children?Do 2 things well during pregnancy, or make children tender and tender

For the newborn babies, many of them have jaundice. For newborns, this is a normal phenomenon. As the number of children’s days increases, jaundice will slowly disappear.Do n’t worry too much about being a mother, but if the jaundice durates for a long time, it is necessary to see a doctor.

What are the types of jaundice?

1. Hemolytic jaundice

1) Congenital hemolytic jaundice

Such as genetic spine cells, glucose -6-dehydrogenase deficiency, genetic acetone kinase deficiency, marine anemia, etc.

2) Obtain sexual hemolytic jaundice the day after tomorrow

Such as autoimmune hemolysis, ABO blood type incompatible blood transfusion reaction, neonatal hemolysis, hemolysis caused by drugs and chemical poisons, and hemolytic minococcal infections.

Second, congenital dwarf jaundice: such as Gilbert syndrome, Crigler-Najjar syndrome, etc.

Third, hepatitis after hepatitis

3) Hepatocytosis jaundice

Such as viral hepatitis, blood suction insect disease, alcoholic hepatitis, medicinal liver injury, toxic liver injury, cirrhosis, neonatal physiological jaundice, autoimmune hepatitis.

4) Internal cholestication jaundice in the liver

Such as primary bile liver cirrhosis, intrahepatic bile duct stones, metastatic liver cancer, biliary tube stones, bile duct cancer, acute cholecystitis, pancreatitis, biliary tapeworm disease, etc.

There are some symptoms of jaundice

Typical symptoms: yellow stains of tissue such as skin, sclera, and tissue. When jaundice is deepened, urine, sputum, tears and sweat are also dyed, and saliva generally does not change color.The color of urine and dung changes.

Other symptoms

1. Symptoms of digestive tract often have symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation.

2. The manifestations of gallbladdermia, the main symptoms are: itching of the skin, abdominal motivation, abdominal distension, fat diarrhea, night blindness, fatigue, mental deficiency and headache.

How to avoid postpartum baby jaundice?

1) Maternal remember to be spicy after pregnancy

For Bao Ma who likes spicy food, it may not matter if you eat more spicy.However, the best taste during lactation is still lighter. If the taste is too spicy, it will increase the baby’s jaundice, and it will also cause the maternal constipation.For the health of the baby, I hope that during pregnancy, it is best to learn to avoid it and eat less spicy food.

2) Eat more fruits

Eating more fruits during pregnancy can not only improve the baby’s skin, but also to alleviate the baby’s jaundice to a certain extent, because fruit is rich in various vitamins. These vitamins and jaundice are originally natural enemies, so you must choose more during pregnancy.eat.

It may be more common for the baby’s jaundice. In addition to mentioned above, pregnant women need to develop a good routine during pregnancy. Sleep must be sufficient, and it is best to choose light makeup during pregnancy.

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