Why is there pain in vulva in pregnancy in pregnancy?

Core tips: After women are pregnant, they should avoid standing for a long time, especially in the later stages of pregnancy.Avoid going through tight pants and shoes and socks; do not approach the heat source or take a bath with overheated water.

It should be said that there are two reasons for this:


Common vaginitis includes bacterial vaginal disease, trichomonas vaginitis, Candida vaginitis, and senile vaginitis.

Bacterial vaginal disease; gray -white leucorrhea with fishy smell, vaginal burning sensation and itching.

Trichomonas vaginitis; symptoms of leucorrhea can be lean slurry -like, gray -yellow or yellow -green, sometimes mixed with blood, can have pain, urgency, and even hematuria.

Candida vaginitis; the typical leucorrhea is creamy or shell -like, the vaginal and vaginal vestibular mucosa is highly edema, covered with white condensed film, which is dotted or sliced, and it is easy to strip.The base, or the formation of ulcers, or leaving ecchymosis, severe cases of small yin and swelling and adhesion.

Treatment of vaginitis:

1. General treatment: Active treatment can cause other diseases of vaginitis and eliminate susceptibility.Keep the vulva clean and dry to avoid scratching.Sexual life is forbidden during treatment.It is not suitable to eat spicy and irritating food.

2. Treatment of Chinese herbal medicine: The use of traditional Chinese medicine with heat -clearing and detoxifying, insecticidal and itching effect, smoked vulva, can not only reduce the symptoms, but also inhibit the elimination of Candida.

3. Vaginal medicine; using imidazole suppository vaginal medicine, it has a good effect on mold vaginitis.

4. Oral medication: Because mold infections can be infected with each other through sex, they can be treated with both sides through oral medication. Oral medication can also inhibit intestinal rosary.For example; fluonazole and other.

Life attention:

1. Wear cotton underwear and change them frequently. Towels and pots with vulva should be separated alone.The underwear should be placed under the sun, do not dry it in the bathroom.

2. Wearing clothing should be breathable, do not wear pantyhose or tight jeans.

Physiological reactions of pregnancy

This symptom may be affected by the late pregnancy. As the fetus grows, the uterus also increases, and it will compress the surrounding tissue, blood vessels, nerves, organs, etc.It may lead to the congestion of the vulva and cause pain.It is recommended to rest more to avoid long walking and standing.In addition, go to the obstetric clinic as soon as possible for related examinations.Vulvar pain: After a few months of pregnancy, some women feel the vulva swelling, and the local skin is red, and severe pain occurs in the vulva when walking.This phenomenon is clinically called "vulvar veins."Women in pregnancy should shoulder heavy responsibilities during the pregnancy, and need a large amount of blood supply to promote the increased blood flow of pelvic veins and intra -iliacous vein, leading to increased pressure in the vein, and the abnormal expansion of the thin -walled vein in the inner thighs of the vulva at the beginning of the vulva.

In addition, with the gradual increase of the fetus, the officer also increased accordingly in the pelvic cavity, which is easy to compress the venous vein and cause the blood flow to be hindered to cause stasis, resulting in the venous curvature.In addition, the estrogen concentration in the blood during pregnancy also rises, leading to the relaxation of the vein wall, causing the vulva to open the veins.The key to preventing women from pregnancy from pregnancy is to pay attention to hygiene during pregnancy.Women should avoid standing for a long time since pregnancy, especially in the later stages of pregnancy.Avoid going through tight pants and shoes and socks; do not approach the heat source or take a bath with overheated water.

Treatment is mainly based on local nursing, such as local cold compresses, or sitting in a cold water, causing the vulvar vein vascular contraction.Trout can be applied to zinc oxide ointment and sprinkle some refreshing powder, which also helps to contrast vein vascular blood vessels.After childbirth, the symptoms will disappear naturally without any sequelae.In short, if it is the first one to go to the hospital for treatment in time, if it is the second case, it should not be a big problem, and the problem will be relieved by itself.

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