Why not dye your hair?The barber shop will not tell you, but you have to "keep in mind" in your heart

Why not dye your hair?The barber shop will not tell you, but you have to "keep in mind" in your heart

Hair dyeing has become a fashion today. A beautiful fashion hairstyle will add points to the overall image of people. Therefore, many young people change the color of hair with their own mood "frequently".It is important that now it is not just young people. Many middle -aged and elderly people feel that they have long hair, which feels beautiful and frequent hair dyeing.However, medical experts point out that people do not recommend often dye their hair and listen to what the experts say

Everyone knows that the hair dye during hair contains complex chemical composition. The main component is phenylemine and hydrogen peroxide. It plays the role of fixed color after hair dyeing, but it is also stronger than Minyuan, which will cause skin allergies to skin sensitivity.Contact dermatitis is the most common.There may not be allergic reactions in the early stage of hair dyeing, but after several hair dyeing, it may occur, and the longer it takes, the higher the chance of allergies.And medical experts also pointed out that if hair dye is used for a long time, as long as 1%is absorbed into the human body by the skin, poisoning may be accumulated.In addition, if the human body is exposed to absorbing hair dye for a long time, it is easy to cause benzene organic substances to enter the capillaries through the scalp, and to circulate to the bone marrow with blood, long -term repeated effects will cause liver cells to dispel and increase the chance of leukemia.

Many people may also have problems such as hair loss, hair loss, dry hair, etc., in fact, they have a certain relationship with hair dyeing.During the hair dyeing process, hair dye will affect the imbalance of moisture in the hair, leading to a large amount of protein degeneration and reduction.This causes the hair to become crispy and fiber break, causing the hair to lose its natural softness, toughness and luster beauty.The urgency and chronic stimulation of hair dye can cause the inflammatory response of the scalp and hair follicles. After a long time, it will cause the hair follicles to shrink, which will cause the hair to change from thickness and eventually cause hair loss.And these believe that the barber shop will not tell you, otherwise how do they do business, right?

Especially female friends, medical experts point out: It is best not to be too "frequent" hair dyeing, especially female friends who are pregnant or preparing for pregnancy.Because the dyeing of the dyeing of the hair is likely to destroy the immunity of the human body, if women’s autoimmune decreases, the function of organ tissues will also weaken, especially the reproductive system, which to a large extent affects fertilization or fertilized eggs, leading to the bed, resulting in the fertilization or fertilized eggs, resulting in the bed, which will leadThe chance of conception is greatly reduced.Women who are pregnant, if they are dyed often, the chemical composition in the hair dye will enter the fetus through the mother’s body, which may cause fetal malformations and so on.These barber shops will not tell you, but you have to "keep in mind" in your heart

So how to dye your hair correctly?Medical experts gave some suggestions:

1: Before dyeing hair, you must do skin spots to test, that is, apply a hair dyeing agent in a small area behind the wrist or ear. After 24 hours, there is no allergic reaction such as redness and tingling.The hair dye is best applied to 1 cm from the hair root to reduce direct contact with the scalp. In order to avoid the skin from getting the potion, you can wipe some Vaselin on the scalp before dyeing.

2: After dyeing your hair, wash as many times as much as possible. Do not let your hair dye remain on your hair. If you feel unwell during the hair dye, stop and rinse it with water immediately. If the situation is serious, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

3: It is best to go to the barbershop with a good job with occupational certification agencies. Choose safe perm -dye products. Don’t be cheap. Choose some inferior products

At the same time, you should also pay attention to the use of different brands of hair dye at the same time during hair dyeing, because chemical reactions may occur between hair dye. If you must dye your hair, it is best to be dyed from the previous time.Washing hair, young people are mainly dyeing for dyeing. Try not to fit the hair root dyeing hair, avoid contact with the scalp, and reduce the risk of hazardous substances into the head.

Dear officials, what kind of hair dyeing habits do you usually have?Do you think it is useful to share today?May wish to leave a message to discuss with us, look forward to your reply

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