Wife is pregnant, what should I pay attention to as a husband?

After a woman is pregnant, due to the rise in progesterone, there will be a variety of changes in the body, and her heart will become more sensitive. Therefore, as a husband, it must also become more tolerant in this sensitive period.After all, in the process of breeding of life, the energy and physical strength of women are far greater than men. The process is very hard. This is what men cannot appreciate.

㈠ Try to be as little as possible

When the wife is pregnant, my husband should try to be as little as possible. Wife does not like what her husband does something, and whether the unit is not good at all, it is best not to take the emotions to the house.I feel impatient, because pregnancy is very hard, I ca n’t eat well, do n’t sleep, and the reaction during pregnancy, if you hear you again, it must be in a bad mood and annoyed.

的 It is best not to compare your wife with other women

As the saying goes, there is no harm without comparison.During my wife’s pregnancy, as a husband, it is best not to compare his wife with other women. After comparison, he said that his wife obviously expressed his wife’s fragility, arrogance, and so on.Because after pregnancy, the constitution of each pregnant woman is different. Some people have no response during pregnancy. They can eat or sleep, which is similar to before. Some people have a pregnancy reaction during pregnancy.For the baby, I still eat and vomit and eat. The bitterness in it must be understood as a husband.

少 Try to entertain as little as possible, play less mobile phones, and accompany your wife more

During my wife’s pregnancy, she should be entertaining as little as her husband, play less mobile phones, and accompany her wife.Some entertainment must go, tell my wife, I believe my wife is also a reasonable person, and I hope you will be entertaining.Some entertainment does not have any effects, so don’t go. If your husband goes out to entertain, go out to entertain frequently, and then go home in the middle of the night, be alcohol and smoke, which is not good for the pregnant wife.Not fair.After a woman is pregnant, she needs her husband to accompany, so that she has a sense of solidity and security, and she feels happy.A good mood is also very beneficial to the fetus.Some husbands, after pregnancy, often go out for entertainment, go to KTV, and some even find other women to recreate, and they derailed one or two.Derailment will leave shadows and cracks on the relationship between husband and wife.It is also the misfortune of this woman to meet such a husband.

主义 Don’t have big masculinity thoughts

During my wife’s pregnancy, my husband should not have masculinity thoughts. Anyone must know how to share, share housework, share the emotions of his wife. When the wife is busy, he will reach out to help in time to be a considerate husband.Women’s pregnancy is a special period, which is more sensitive. A husband who knows how to share will reduce his wife’s anxiety and the chance of depression.

子 Take the time to accompany his wife to do a pregnancy test

Unless you are particularly busy, or you have to work, otherwise you should take the time to accompany your wife to do a pregnancy test. Some people will accompany the pregnancy test. The wife will be more assured that there is a helper and sharing person.Most wives hope that her husband can accompany himself to do a pregnancy test. He does not like her husband to make excuses to say that overtime or work is busy and unwilling to accompany themselves for pregnancy.Especially during the third trimester, the belly is getting bigger and more discomfort. Sometimes there will be chest tightness. Her husband should accompany his wife for a pregnancy test.Do not say that you can do inspections when you go to. Sometimes there are many people. You need to queue, register, pay, take results, communicate with doctors, etc. It is really tired. Someone is better.

籍 Read more books for pregnancy and understand the knowledge of pregnancy. Remember the first three and three in the same room during pregnancy.

After the wife is pregnant, as a husband, he cannot push the child to his wife, and he must also learn about the relevant pregnancy.In addition, in the same room during pregnancy, we must remember that the first three months and the next three months cannot be the same room, because the fetus in the first three months is still unstable, and the same room is likely to cause miscarriage.In the next three months, the stomach of the pregnant belly is very large, and the fetus is afraid of being stimulated. The same room is likely to cause premature or abortion. Try to avoid the same room.In the second trimester, it can be properly in the same room, which is also beneficial to deepening the relationship between husband and wife.

A husband, no matter how much he loves his wife, is an exaggeration. A wife who is willing to get pregnant and give birth to a child must be a woman who loves her husband deeply.During the pregnancy of women, under the action of hormones in the body, it is inevitable that behavior and temperament will change, and some behaviors of her husband are not used to it and cannot accept it.At this time, the family did not say two words. The husband and wife were one -piece. They could not be split. As a husband, let a little wife and understand long live!In the end, I want to say to which wives who are pregnant, saying that women are pregnant very hard, and it is not easy to bred a child. After the wife is pregnant, do not shake the shopkeeper.Don’t do something to be sorry for his wife during pregnancy, don’t let a pregnant woman sad.As a man’s biggest sadness is to let a pregnant woman chill -find a wrong person after pregnancy.

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