Will fatter affect fertility?It turns out that it is a sign of getting fat!You may be getting fat quietly …

Source: Science Popularization China

Experts in this article: Wang Shiyun, Ph.D. in Medicine, Physician of Endocrine metabolic metabolic metabolic metabolism at Shanghai Jiaotong University

Studies have shown that the problem of overweight obesity in my country in 2020 is constantly prominent. More than half of adult residents are overweight or obese, and the super-heavy obesity rates under the age of 6-17 and under 6 years of age reached 19%and 10.4%, respectively.

Fatal not only causes blood lipid disorders, abnormal sugar metabolism, increases the risk of cancer, and even affects the reproductive function of men and women.

It does not happen suddenly. In fact, when your weight increases, the body will generate a sign.Let’s take a look together.

Is it a sign of getting fat?

At present, the most commonly used tools for obese standards — weight index (BMI).Calculation formula: Weight index (BMI) = weight (kg)/ square of height (m⊃2;).China Standard: 24 > BMI ≥18.5 kg/ m⊃2; for normal weight, 28> BMI ≥24 kg/ m⊃2; is overweight, BMI ≥ 28 kg/ m⊃2; obesity.

If you get fat, you will get some signals:

1. Slack taste, more eat more

Taste buds can perceive the sweetness, sourness, bitterness, salty, and freshness of the food. At the same time, it stimulates the reward center of the brain, making people feel satisfied and happy after eating food.When the body’s fat gradually accumulates, the taste buds become dull, and when eating is not before, it will form a vicious circle of overeating.

2. Drustering, dizziness and headache

Studies have shown that more than 40%of obese people suffer from obstructive sleep and respiratory suspension of low ventilation syndrome, especially those who are obese in the neck.When I got up the next day, I often felt headache and dizziness. I was sleepy during the day.

3. Belly thighs and weak limbs

Eating more living habits will cause abdominal obesity, that is, fat accumulates in the abdominal skin and internal organs. This is one of the reasons why many people form the "apple" figure with thin belly thighs.With the increase of fat and the decrease in outdoor sports, the level of vitamin D has decreased rapidly, and the risk of obese people, especially the male crowd, has increased significantly.

Will fatter affect fertility?

Every 7 in the infertility couples have one pair of obesity, and the BMI increases by 1 kg/ m⊃2; the pregnancy rate is reduced by 4%.

Studies have shown that in 6 months, it is 5% to 15% or more. Women can improve ovulation and menstruation. Men can improve less sperm and sexual function.


Ultra -heavy women’s fertility has decreased by 8%, obese people have decreased by 18%, and the higher the BMI, the greater the age of pregnancy.Obesity will affect women’s natural conception and reduce the success rate of IVF.

Not only that, obese women before pregnancy, the chances of complications such as excessive amniotic fluid, aura eclampsia, premature placental peeling, and gestational diabetes will increase more than doubled.

In addition, neural tube malformations occur in the sub-generations. Pay attention to risks such as defects and multi-dysfunction will also increase by more than doubled, and the risk of obesity in the sub-generations increases by 7-10 times.


Obesity also significantly increased the incidence of male infertility. When extreme obesity (BMI> 40 kg/m⊃2;), the number of sperm decreased significantly, the incidence of abnormal morphology increased significantly, and the incidence of sperm -free incidence rose to 9.1%Essence

What is the harm of gaining weight?

Overweight or obesity can increase the risk of various chronic diseases, such as coronary heart disease, heart failure, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes.

In addition, obesity increases the risk of cancer.

A study in 2017 showed that among the patients with global diagnosis, the number of patients with abdominal obesity accounted for nearly 1/3 of the number of patients with abdominal obesity.

In addition, sedentary people are 40%higher than the risk of colon cancer in the common sports.

Life is movement,

Sitting must be injured for a long time,

Friends, hurry up and stood up!

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