Will lung cancer without smoking?Doctor reminds: Early screening is important

Jimu Journalist Cao Yang

Correspondent Wu Ping Hu Fen

Recently, the news of "26 -year -old actor Jiang Zhihao lung cancer" appeared on the hot search, which caused heated discussion among netizens.According to media reports, Jiang Zhihao said on Weibo: "This disease made my favorite mother leave me 6 years ago. I didn’t expect to be so soon."I really have to fight against it at a young age. "As soon as the news came out, netizens said shocked:" I can’t believe it, I am at a young age of lung cancer at a young age.It may be good in the future every day. "Some netizens also sent encouragement and blessings:" Early recovery! I believe Xiaohao can actively receive treatment. "Jiang Zhihao also replied that netizens would be brave to face, I hope everyone is healthy, and I hope that there is no world in the world.cancer.

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Why do you get lung cancer without smoking?On March 20, Jimu Journalist interviewed Hu Fen, deputy chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Department of Donghu Hospital in Wuhan.She said that in fact, lung cancer is caused by many factors. In addition to smoking and genetic, there are also professional factors, air pollution, ionizing radiation, diet and nutrition, and chronic lung diseases.Jiang Zhihao’s mother has lung cancer, and he is more dangerous than ordinary people.Moreover, if young people are often exposed to the environment of "second -hand smoke", staying up late and working overtime will cause excessive fatigue of the body, which will easily cause the body’s immune function and endocrine disorders. In the case, it will also suffer from lung cancer.

Doctor’s inspection room (correspondent picture)

"Lung cancer is a relatively common lung disease, which is a malignant tumor." Director Hu Fen introduced that if repeated cough, sputum or less sputum, the sound is high -profile metallic sound, hemoptysis, dyspnea, lymphatic swelling, repeated fever, repeated feverSymptoms such as weight loss should be alert to the possibility of lung cancer. These symptoms are related to tumor infringement of lung tissue, blood vessels, obstructive airway, metastasis, consumption, etc.

Hu Fen reminded that early screening must be done to prevent lung cancer.Especially high -risk people pay attention to regular physical examination, especially lung imaging examination; then to quit smoking or stay away from second -hand smoke, because tobacco contains complex chemicals, it will cause great stimulation to the lungs and avoid lung cancer; eat more fruitsVegetables, keep the room ventilation, avoid long -term contact with cooking oil fume, and avoid professional contact with harmful substances.At the same time, develop good living habits, and usually pay attention to exercise, which will help improve immunity and prevent lung cancer.

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