Will menstrual period delaying pregnancy be postponed? Is irregular menstruation affecting pregnancy?

Menstrual period is a relatively torture process for women, because a considerable part of women will have dysmenorrhea during menstruation.With the acceleration of life rhythm, staying up late, stress, irregular diet, and unreasonable living habits many women will experience symptoms such as irregular menstruation and delay of menstruation. Will these symptoms affect women during pregnancy?Will menstrual delaying pregnancy be postponed?

1. Will menstrual delaying pregnancy be postponed?

Some women’s physiological periods have always been normal, but they have suddenly delayed menstruation.Menstruation is delayed, and many people think they are pregnant.In fact, delaying menstruation depends on whether the situation is pregnant, because living habits change, environmental factors, emotional factors, etc. will cause women to delay menstruation, and it does not necessarily mean pregnancy.

Menstruation, also known as the menstrual cycle, is a physiological cycle cycle. The menstrual cycle is generally 28-30 days.Women’s menstruation is normal early or delayed for one week.In addition to pregnancy, in addition to pregnancy, in addition to pregnancy, it may also be due to the effects of hormone levels, nutritional factors, environmental factors, emotional fluctuations, excessive stress, diseases, and drugs.If women have supplemented in large quantities or quickly lose weight in a short period of time, changes in dietary habits will cause body function and secretion system to adjust, and the menstrual cycle will also fluctuate.In addition, if the mental stress that women bear are too large, it will also lead to endocrine disorders in the body, and the changes in the hormone environment will cause failure to ovulate in time.Factors such as diseases and drugs will also cause delay of menstruation. If taking emergency contraceptives, it will affect ovulation and delay menstruation.

Because the menstrual cycle is affected by various factors, it is generally normal for women’s menstruation within 10 days.However, if women’s daily life is normal and emotional, disease, drugs, etc., they are likely to be pregnant or reproductive system diseases.Women can use early pregnancy test strip pregnancy testing. It is best to go to the hospital for B -ultrasound to check in detail. The accuracy of pregnancy test is higher.

2. Does irregular menstruation affect pregnancy?

Generally speaking, if the possibility of pregnancy is excluded, the delay of menstruation for 10 days is already a manifestation of irregular menstruation.Many women who are preparing for pregnancy are very worried. Will delay of menstruation affect pregnancy?There are many reasons why menstruation cannot be eaten. Generally, it is first considered whether pregnancy is pregnant. Women who are in fertility age may not take contraceptive measures in the same room.If this situation is excluded, the severe delay in menstruation may lead to infertility.

Indexation of menstruation means that the function and endocrine of the ovaries will also be affected, so in severe cases, it will indeed cause infertility.The reason why menstruation is difficult to conceive is the main reason that the irregular menstruation does not have regular ovulation, that is, it does not have the conditions of pregnancy, which is easy to cause infertility.After menstruation delayed, you must first define whether you are delayed due to external factors, and at the same time, you must also understand whether your cycle is regular.In addition, if it is often delayed in menstruation and irregular cycles, it is necessary to consider whether it is caused by the disease.All in all, if there is irregular menstruation, it is best to treat it in time to avoid affecting pregnancy.

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