Will swimming in the public swimming pool get pregnant?Be careful of other diseases!

The city has entered the "barbecue mode", and Ning Zetao, the small fresh meat, increases the heat again!As a result, the swimming pool became the preferred place.

[The little brother in the lower right corner, what are you doing?.

Shouting the "Ning Zetao Girlfriend" for my little Ning’s child, do you think you can get pregnant when you jump into the pool?

too naive!

Fighting a bloody road

If you want to have a child, you must realize a step of "combination of sperm eggs", which requires hundreds of millions of sperm brothers to cooperate and kill a blood path.

Generally, men will release about 200 million sperm in one -time intercourse, and only hundreds of reaches can be reacted near egg cells.Then, the strongest and fastest "champion" had the opportunity to break through the last barriers of egg cells.

[Emphasis: graphic has nothing to do with]

Shame hypothesis

Suppose the swimming pool is 50 meters long, 10 meters wide, and 2 meters deep. Within 1 hour, 10 adult strong men in the swimming pool should do what they should not do (Hey, do you come to swim?),Then about 50 ml of semen (including about 3 billion sperm) was released into these 1,000 cubic meters of water.

At this time, the sperm concentration was diluted into 3 million/cubic meters.Calculated with this concentration, in order to complete the mission, at least about 7 cubic meters of water enters a healthy girl.

7 cubic meters!Do you think it is Amsterland’s Back?

Hidden health hazards of swimming pools

However, if a healthy person goes to the swimming pool with poor facilities and management, and many swimmers’ personal hygiene habits, it may be infected with other diseases!Disease -related diseases are prone to infection in the pool:

1. Fungine skin disease

Especially infectious cases of ringworm are the most, and they may be transmitted in the pool and the pool.Whether it will have athletes is closely related to whether it is related to whether it is in contact with fungi.

2. Swimming pool granuloma

This is relatively rare. The pathogen is a Marine Staphylococcus, and the patient’s hands or feet are scratched and exposed to water infection.Symptoms are blocks for forming nodules on hands or feet, and sometimes accompanied by redness.At this time, you must go to the dermatology department of the hospital.

3. Red eye disease

Many swimming enthusiasts often bring chloramphenicin eye drops with themselves. As soon as they come out of the swimming pool, drip on a few drops of chloramphenicol to "prevent" red eye diseases.Su, the name is "Double Insurance".

Can this really prevent red eye disease?

There are many reasons for jealousy, such as acute conjunctivitis, epidemic hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (commonly known as "red eye disease").Although the above eye diseases are infected by viruses or germs, they need anti -inflammatory and heat -clearing, but they still have different treatment.

4. Outtonitis, otitis media

Another organ that is easily attacked by the disease after swimming is "ear". The most common is acute otitis media. It is usually the most obvious one to two days after swimming.Swimming causes three ways to cause otitis media:

(1) The unclean pond water enters the outer ear canal, and the outer ear canal (that is, "earwax"!) There are many, which causes outer ear canal inflammation, and then infected the tympanic membrane and induced otitis media.

(2) Once the water is stingy, the pond water is easy to enter the eustachian tube, and bacteria or molds also enter, causing retrograde infections from the inside to the outside.Children’s eustachian tube is immature, and it is more likely to induce otitis media after the water.

(3) Rhinitis caused by a cold or after a cold, affecting the ventilation and drainage of the throat, and otitis media is prone to occur after swimming.

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