Will the pregnant mother bending and picking up things will squeeze to the child?Expert: Don’t underestimate your baby’s wit and strong

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Some people care after pregnancy. When they are pregnant, they can forget that they are pregnant and walk.

Some people are cautious after pregnancy, always worrying that their actions are great and will hurt the baby.

"It is inconvenient to pick up things to pick up things", "Will the stomach bend and squeeze the stomach will hurt the baby?" Almost all pregnant mothers will encounter in the late pregnancy.

When I squatted, I felt that my stomach was squeezed, and the pregnant mother felt that it was not very comfortable, so I wondered if the baby would feel sad?

Before a friend, when the chopsticks fell when eating, she sat on the stool and bent over to pick it up. She was squeezed with a bit uncomfortable, but when she straightened her waist, she didn’t feel uncomfortable.

So, will you bend down to pick up things, will it hurt the baby?

In fact, if the action is not severe, it will not affect the baby.

The baby is very smart. When the pregnant mother is bent over to squeeze into the belly, the baby will adjust their own movements and have reached a comfortable state.

Moreover, the muscle of the uterus and abdomen walls will protect the baby, and there is also the protection of amniotic fluid in the uterus.When Bao Ma did inappropriate actions, these "protectors" play a certain buffering role to make the baby baby safe.

Although "bending down and picking up things" during pregnancy is unlikely to hurt the baby.But during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to their own movements, don’t be too strong.Because the movement is severe when bending over, it may cause the baby to be hypoxic, and it will also make the pregnant mother feel dizzy and discomfort.

During pregnancy, picking things is unavoidable. What should pregnant mothers do when picking up things?

In the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers do not need to worry too much about the impact of bending on the baby, but pay attention to whether their physical nutrition can keep up.

In the second and second trimester, the stomach gradually became larger, and it was inconvenient to bend over.Pick up things or laces, it is best to ask my husband for help and help her husband.

If you have to bend over to pick up things, you should also pay attention to squatting down slowly.If there is something that can be supported, it is best to support it.(Some pregnant mothers cannot master their balance after squatting, and some pregnant mothers squat down and don’t know how to stand up)

After picking up things, you should also get up slowly to prevent getting up too fast and dizziness.

Of course, try to be careful when you are pregnant.Not only do you suddenly bend over and pick up things and shoelaces, in other aspects, the action must also be "reserved, gentle":

1. Sit for a long time

During pregnancy, don’t always sit, which will affect blood circulation, especially legs and abdomen, which will be more prone to leg edema. Severe severe symptoms such as back pain and lumbar spine will also affect the baby’s baby’s baby’s baby’s.Healthy development.

2. Exaggerate and lazy, stretch your body

This is similar to being bending down to pick up things.

Although the baby has its own "little cleverness" and "protective armor", pregnant mothers should pay attention to that when doing these actions, do not have too much amuction, and do not be too strong.

Especially in the middle and late stages, pregnant mothers stretch their waist hard, which may lead to contraction phenomenon, or may cause premature peeling of the placenta.

3. Heavy things

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers cannot get things seriously, whether they are early, middle or late pregnancy.

Take the important things will make the uterus suffer a lot of pressure, which will affect the normal function of the uterus.

Occasionally take things that are not too heavy. If you often use a lot of energy to raise heavy things, bleeding and miscarriage may occur.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should still pay attention to rest, maintain a happy mood, and ensure that their body nutrition can keep up.

Also, the caregiver’s mother will "converge" her behavior and movements in these months, so that the baby is healthy and happy!

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