Will the toilet "squeeze" to the fetus during pregnancy?Pregnant mothers can "three attention", and the fetus is away from the palace to be hypoxic

During pregnancy, because of the effects of progesterone secretion, many pregnant mothers will be plagued by constipation. The pregnant mother is suffered by themselves, and the fetal treasure in the stomach is not easy to feel. If the toilet is too long, it may be "squeezed" to the baby!

The fetal treasure grew up in the uterus day. As the "tenant" of the uterus, some daily actions of expectant mothers and fetal treasures will feel. During different stages of pregnancy, what do the fetus feel when the pregnant mother is in the toilet?

★ Early pregnancy: nothing to do with Bao

The first three months of pregnancy is divided into early pregnancy.At this stage, the fetus is relatively small, and the body’s organs are just a prototype. They are busy making themselves "like individuals". They have not felt the various movements of expectant mothers.

At this stage, pregnant women have not appeared, but because of the secretion of progesterone, the problems of frequent urination and pregnancy will occur. Only when the spatial mothers are relatively large, can it be stimulated to the uterus.

★ In the middle of pregnancy: I will remind my mother with fetal movement

The 4-7 months of pregnancy is divided into mid-pregnancy.Over time, the fetus becomes larger every day. After entering the middle of pregnancy, it will gradually appear, and the uterus expands with the expansion of the fetus.

The daily toilet of pregnant mothers will give a certain squeeze a certain squeeze to the growing fetal treasure. If it over time, the fetal treasure may feel uncomfortable.However, the fetal treasure at this stage is not the character of "adversity". I feel uncomfortable, and I will use fetal movements to remind expectant mothers.

★ Late pregnancy: "Mom, you squeezed me!"

Seven months of pregnancy until childbirth, they are divided into third trimester of pregnancy.After the expectant mothers enter the third trimester, due to the expansion of the uterus, they will exacerbate the discomfort during pregnancy, and the pregnancy belly will become larger and larger.

When the toilet is in the toilet, the fetal treasure in the stomach will squeeze. For the safety of the fetal treasure, you must be careful to go to the toilet at this stage.

Pregnant mothers can "three attention" in the toilet, and the fetus is far away from the palace hypoxia

Don’t look at it just a small toilet action. For mothers who enter the third trimester, if you do n’t pay more attention, you may cause the problem of hypoxia in the palace.

The third trimester is "one foot". The expectant mothers must not be relaxed at this time. When the toilet, "three attention" should be achieved to ensure that the fetal treasure is healthy.

In order to be able to pass the fragmented time, many people have developed the habit of going to the toilet to play mobile phones, but for the pre -pregnancy mothers who are easy to be constipated, playing mobile phones to the toilet may extend the time of toilet.

Whether it is squatting or sitting, maintaining a movement for a long time will cause squeezing the fetal treasure in the uterus, which may affect the blood supply to the fetal treasure to the fetal treasure, which can easily cause the fetus to have hypoxia.

Suggestion: It is advisable to have a toilet for 8-10 minutes, and it should not be more than 15 minutes long.

For the prospective mothers in the third trimester, there are more inconvenient actions in the pregnant belly. It is best to choose a seat in the toilet, because the posture of squatting and toilet will exacerbate the squeezing condition of the fetus.

Studies have found that pregnant women go to the toilet, which can easily lead to hypoxia.

If the expectant mother’s house is squatting, you can try to straighten your body as much as possible when you toilet to reduce the squeezing feeling of the fetus.It can also be equipped with a special toilet for pregnant women, which can not only alleviate the squeeze of the fetus, but also make the pregnant mother easier.

By the third trimester, it is best to find someone to accompany when the pregnant mother goes out. When going to the public toilet, it is best not to find someone alone, so as not to find someone to avoid accidents because of the ground.

If a latter signal suddenly occurred in the toilet, the people around them can help find a way, find someone to help or call 120, and send the expectant mothers to the hospital for delivery as soon as possible.

The prospective mothers in the third trimester are like "big pandas". A stumbling stumbling may cause danger to both and the fetus. Don’t underestimate the trivial matter of the toilet. Be careful.

In the third trimester, the gastrointestinal peristalsis is relatively slow. Coupled with the fetal squeeze of the fetus, it is easy to have constipation problems. Pregnant mothers can eat some vegetables rich in dietary fiber to promote digestion and alleviate constipation problems, so as to reduce the purpose of reducing the purpose of the toilet.Essence

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