Will virgin bleed?Don’t be deceived by men!It turns out that these 6 women’s physiological knowledge is fake

Last night, Xiao Jiu saw a post when I went online:

The owner of the post is a 26 -year -old woman who has irregular bleeding recently. After going to the hospital for TCT and HPV examination, the doctor suggested to do a biopsy and vaginal mirror.

During the examination, the doctor found that she had a large amount of bleeding and said directly: "Your bleeding amount is too large. If the blood flows from the cervix, the situation is more dangerous."

The doctor’s words scared Xiaomei in place, and the "high -risk HPV positive" in the report also made her very worried …

In recent years, keywords such as HPV screening and HPV vaccines have frequently appeared, but many women have insufficient awareness, and even regard HPV infection as their unilateral responsibility.Today, Xiaojiu will introduce some common women’s health misunderstandings to see how many you have been "cheated".

When it comes to HPV and cervical cancer, people will think that this is a "exclusive disease" for women.Once a woman finds HPV positive, she will be afraid and guilty, worrying about the other half.But is it just a woman infection with HPV?

No, men cannot be alone.

Men can also be infected with HPV through sexual contact. Data show that the Danish male HPV infection rate is 41.8%, and the high -risk HPV infection rate has reached 30%; American men’s HPV infection rate is 45.2%, and the high -risk HPV infection rate is also 30.5%.

In contrast, Chinese men, the HPV infection rate is 8%to 16.8%, while the infection rate of high -risk subtype HPV is 5.5%to 9.4%.

Therefore, not only women infected and spread HPV, but men also, especially men who do not take protection measures in sexual life, are more likely to be infected.

If a woman finds HPV infection, she may be panicked, and even compares directly with cervical cancer. She asked the doctor for help and hopes to treat it with the first time.However, the HPV treatment guidelines of various countries did not mention any drugs that can completely kill the HPV virus.

Clinical studies have shown that among those with HPV virus infections, the chance of not being treated without treatment is more than 80%, especially for young HPV infections.Negative.

In addition, HPV is positive. Do not scare yourself. Generally, you also need to combine cervical cytology screening and HPV virus typical results to determine the next treatment plan. Do not get sick.

In the past few years, the advertisement of "washing and healthier" was spread throughout the streets and alleys. Therefore, as long as women have abnormal private parts, they will buy a lotion by themselves.However, this "washing is healthier" is not healthy.

There are microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria in women’s vagina, while lactobacillus and estrogen can maintain the internal micro ecology and pH value balance.In addition, the vagina has self -purification ability.When women are cleaned with washing liquid, it will destroy the acid -base balance and inhibit the growth of lactobacar. After the micro -ecological environment is destroyed, it is more likely to cause gynecological inflammation.

The correct method is to wash it with warm water. If the symptoms are getting more serious, you should consult a gynecologist as soon as possible and treat it reasonably under the guidance.

Women who have suffered dysmenorrhea may have heard such rumors: have children, dysmenorrhea is gone!In fact, this statement is not completely correct.

Dysmenorrhea can be divided into primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea.

The primary dysmenorrhea occurred in the first few years of the menstrual tide, and did not accompany the pelvic ware -quality disease. During pregnancy, the fetus expanded the cervical canal and relaxed the uterine mouth.After the child, the dysmenorrhea disappeared.

The secondary dysmenorrhea is mostly caused by the quality disease of the pelvic cavity. It is not solved by the child alone. Only by cure gynecological diseases can the pain relieve pain.

Many men can judge whether their virgin can be used for the first time by women, but will women bleed for the first time?

In fact, women may not bleed for the first time.Under normal circumstances, only when the pore diameter of the vaginal flap (hymen) is small or the shape is closed, bleeding can be bleed.If the vaginal petals are lip -shaped or umbrella -shaped, the pore diameter is large, and the amount of bleeding is very small, and even no hemorrhage.In addition, some strenuous exercise can also cause the vaginal petals to rupture and have nothing to do with sexual life.

Vaginal petal map source network

Women often think that they do not have gynecological diseases, so they do n’t have to go to the hospital for examination. In fact, this is wrong!

The early symptoms of some gynecological tumors are not obvious, and it is difficult to detect without examination. This requires women to receive regular gynecological examinations and find diseases early.Women of different ages have different inspection plans.

Regardless of whether there is a sexual life, under the premise of diagnosis of HPV, HPV screening must be actively done.21 to 29 -year -old women

A TCT inspection is accepted every three years. In addition, women over 25 years of age can do HPV inspections alone.36 to 65 -year -old women

After receiving a joint examination of TCT and HPV every five years, you can also have a separate TVT inspection once every three years or a separate HRHPV inspection in five years.

In addition, women who have continuously checked the disease -free and previous TCT examination results can stop screening after the age of 65.For some high -risk women, the frequency of screening should be improved.

While paying attention to the health of family members, women must also care for themselves, and regularly accept gynecological examinations, maintain a good mood, and let themselves be a confident and healthy woman!

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